Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale

By on August 16, 2007 @ 4 PM (1 Comment)

I saw this in the store and when a pal said it was good I invested in a six pack. Some people invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds – I invest in beer. At least I can drink my investments (is that liquidating them?).

It’s made by Blue Moon. Beer temp. 48.2 F (9.0 C). Pours clear medium gold with a nice white head. Orange and sweet honey aroma. The head faded pretty quickly. First taste gives a nice sweetness with a subtle orange note and very mild hops. The label says pale malt and malted white wheat, but I didn’t notice the distinctive wheat aroma I’m so fond of which may have been covered up by the honey and orange aromas. Since it’s clear and not cloudy it’s not bottle conditioned and filtered. I must admit I like the cloudy appearance of wheat beers. This was actually my third one so it’s not terribly new to me so I’m a little too critical but I feel it’s either a tad too sweet and a little short on hops to balance the sweet. It is still a good call for a summer beer especially for someone not looking for much depth, after all that’s what summer calls for. My lovely wife tried it and pronounced it good. It might even work with Q.

Repeatability? Darn right.

Note: a later taste on a late humid night after work was even better. I may have been a little too critical. Clean, crisp and smooth, great balance of orange and sweet isn’t quite as annoying as I thought before. Give it a try while it’s available, you won’t be sorry.

Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale Rating: 6 out of 10 (?)

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  1. Jack O'Brien says:

    I think your first review was better. It is way too sweet. I recently purchased a 1/2 barrel keg of Blue Moon and have noticed that my patrons will only drink one or two before moving onto something else. They all say the same thing…it is just too sweet. It is very good as a single beer but when drinking in quantity, I would not recommend it.

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