Who are The BeerFathers?

Umm… What happened to Dr Beer Love?

Beer LoveWe are Al and John Eklund, father and son, and fellow beer questers who happen to love beer. We are on a journey to find the perfect beer, knowing full well the destination will never be reached. And we are okay with that as long as it means we get to keep trying beers. After all it’s about the journey, not the destination. And our journey will take us all over the globe, not just physically, but vicariously through the bottles we pour from.

Our ratings are both non-scientific and non-standard. If we like a beer, we rate it highly and will try to describe why. We reserve the right to change our minds as our palates evolve and will admit that it sometimes takes more than one tasting of a beer to fully appreciate it, unless of course it’s a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, which is so awful it’s almost medicinal.

Beer LoveWho’s to say where our love of beer comes from? Perhaps our ancestors from Europe have left the lust inside our DNA, meaning we can consume all the beer in the world, but never tire of it. Perhaps it’s the fact that beer gets a bad rap, although there are almost as many beers as wines, and with just as much complexity. Whatever the cause, we know one thing – we’ll go beyond your usual American Buds and Millers and Coors – we’re on a quest here and we’ve got to tour the world, one bottle at a time. So open your eyes and your mind and learn to love beer – we won’t guide you wrong.

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If you’re interested in reaching over 11,000 unique visitors per month (11,822 in July 2011) we’ll be glad to discuss advertising your products on TheBeerFathers.com. We’re only interested in products that match up well with our audience – namely beer and beer related products. If you’re interested just drop us an email at:

What Happened to Dr Beer Love?

That guy? He went away! Did you know he wasn’t even a real doctor? I know, right? We’re now The BeerFathers, which better reflects our status as, well, both beer lovers and fathers. You see Father and Son Beer Love, though still Father and Son Beer Love, became Grandfather Beer Love and Father Beer Love when Son Beer Love became a Father (on the Ides of March), though they were still Father Beer Love and Son Beer Love, which all became very confusing. Also turns out that “Dr Beer Love” was confusing with another name out there – Dr BeerĀ® – which is a registered trademark of Jay Hersh (Visit the Dr BeerĀ® site here). So, it was just easier for us to take the time to rebrand ourselves to better fit who we were – hence, we’re now The BeerFathers. Hope that makes sense!

Site Details

A lot of you ask how we built the site and do the things we do. We’re glad to share! The layout is hand-designed in Adobe Photoshop by me, Son Beer Love (John Eklund). We then had XHTMLmagic turn it into nice and clean CSS. We use WordPress for the backend where I fashioned the code to fit the design (hacked the code to fit is probably the proper term). We host our website at WPEngine which provides amazing managed WordPress hosting. The logo uses the “The GodFather Version 2” font, which was created by Jeff Bell. The beautiful beer glass photos that rotate each month were all purchased from iStockPhoto. We’ll be happy to answer any other technical details, just ask us!

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