Beer Love 2.0

By on May 11, 2008 @ 9 PM (No Comments)

We launched the first official redesign of the The BeerFathers web site this week, meaning we’re officially version 2.0, with a web 2.0 look. And officially we will never use that term again because we hate it.

This site redesign got started a little under a month ago and we took the opportunity to update a lot. Highlights include:

  • We made the site much more aesthetically pleasing – cleaner graphics, larger fonts, wider layout, more breathing room, etc.
  • We made the site much faster – like a billion times faster.
  • We merged the beer blog and beer ratings together so they can live together in beer harmony. You can still pull out just the ratings if you like by clicking on Beer Ratings at the top of the page.
  • We put the full content of the last 25 beer blog and beer rating posts on the home page so you don’t have to individually click on each post to read them. We hated having to do that just as much as you.
  • We added some “meta data” to the beer ratings – namely you can now browse by Beer Styles – we broke these out into two main categories – Ales and Lagers.
  • We put the full counts of the number of beers in each of our ratings categories so you know what you’re getting into.
  • We put sortable beer results on all ratings, styles and search pages. This will give you a table where you can click on the header to sort by beer name, date reviewed, reviewer and number of comments.
  • We made the search results a lot better and a lot more usable, especially if we don’t have any results matching your search.
  • We added a Twitter feed so we can post quick micro-updates.
  • We made the ads (hopefully) a little bit more relevant to the content.
  • We did a lot of boring behind the scenes work to help with search engine results and things like that.
  • And finally we’ve got a ton of ideas in the queue that we will push in the coming months. Videos, free stuff and more.

We welcome any and all feedback – Twitter us up or drop us an email. Cheers!

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