Beer Rule: The Hefeweizen Law

By on May 30, 2008 @ 6 AM (4 Comments)

We seriously love the hefes here at The BeerFathers. It’s almost unnatural. There’s just something about the wheat and the lemon and the banana and the slight pepperiness and the overall je ne sais pas that just gives us the goose bumps.

Because of this we’ve decided it’s time to create The Hefeweizen Law:

I hereby propose the passing of legislation that makes mandatory the possession of an inventory of no less than 6 hefeweizens in your fridge at any given point in time between the months of April and October. I’ll even broaden it out to allow for any wheat beer without fear of punishment.

All in favor?

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  1. chelsea says:

    oh, I’d have to go to beer jail then…..cuz I’m a hefe-hater, big time. It’s the banana flavor that gets me–and I make a very NOT pretty face when I’m forced to try yet another one, “oh chels, try it–you’ll like this one!”
    Now, if you would like to enforce an IPA ordinance, I’m all over that! I’d even be in support of a Porter Act, or a Lambic law but I’m sorry Dr. Beer Love…..the Hefeweizen law will leave me with plenty of unpaid citatations.
    over and out, end of transmission

  2. John says:

    Chels – Perhaps we can broaden you out to the rider allowing for any wheat beer without time served.
    If you like the hop shock of IPAs but not the banana of the regular hefes then the Three Floyds Gumballhead may be right up your alley. Very hoppy but a damn fine wheat beer – like an IPA light.
    Of course you being in Minnesota means the temperature never gets above 32 degrees, so your warming porters may be better served. However, if you’re from Louisiana like me (official motto “Hot, but humid”) then you’ll need some light crisp beers to stave off the mosquitoes and the night sweats.

  3. chelsea says:

    hell, if three floyed could produce ANY of their beers fast enough and distributed efficiently I’d be all over. My parents finally scored some alpha king and brought it up from Illinois for me–mmmm, a case of pure happiness.

  4. Grosscup says:

    I could never keep six hefes in my fridge because I would drink them. I don’t maintain a big stock of beer on hand; the extras I have are usually stuff I’m not rushing to drink.

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