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A Belgian golden ale at 8.5% classified as strong ale. I tried one of these about 18 months ago and really liked it when I was new to the game (or is it the sport) of tasting beer. Have been holding one in the fridge for that long so wanted to try again before it went bad. Made it with 10 months to spare.

Down to business. Pours medium dark gold, maybe even light amber. Good solid white head that holds fairly well. Fruity aroma reminds me of orange skinned fruit. At first taste I find a slight sweetness and a definite citrus taste, maybe add grapefruit to the orange and apricot. Malts have good depth to them and hops balance with the slight sweetness. Alcohol is fairly noticeable. Label talks about a unique yeast strain, this may be the slight sharpness that I taste. The 8.5% alcohol hits pretty hard, but its part of the risk I gladly take.

This is definitely a great ale. I appreciate it for what it is. I wouldn’t know how it could be better. Why you may ask isn’t it a ten? I figure a 10 would be so outstandingly good that nothing could surpass it and only be made by a greater being. Why not a 9 then? The elements are all there – the balance is there but the harmony isn’t quite there. It is very subjective I know. My integrity can’t be bought, however it can be rented, inquire about prices.

Wow 3 paragraphs, I’m on fire. I guess hitting that enter thing twice really does work.

Duvel Rating: 8 out of 10 (?)

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