Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit

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We’re back on the beer review wagon, after being off the wagon for a few months. Technically, I suppose we’re now off the beer review wagon after having been on the wagon, but I for one have never fully grasped the meaning of the whole on/off the wagon phrase, much like Seinfeld:

Jerry: Yeah. He’s been off the wagon for two years.

George: “Off the wagon”?

Jerry: I think it’s off the wagon.

George: I think it’s on the wagon.


Elaine: One drink like that and he could fall right off the wagon.

George: Told you.


Jerry: Oh, wait a second, I believe we have a heckler ladies and gentlemen. Hey Dick I don’t know what your problem is. It’s not my fault you’re back on the wagon.

Dick: It’s off the wagon.

Jerry: In the old days how do you think they got the alcohol from town to town?

Dick: I don’t know.

Jerry: On the wagon. Don’t you think they broke into a couple of those bottles along the way?

Dick: You can’t drink on a wagon it would be too bumpy.

Jerry: They had smooth trails. What about the Cumberland Gap?

Dick: What the hell do you know about wagons?

Jerry: I know enough not to get on them.

For the record and for your edification, “On the wagon” means abstaining from alcohol, something your BeerFathers have most definitely not done. This whole thing was a just segue to distract from the fact that our last written beer review was over 5 months ago. Consider yourself distracted and off the wagon.

So the Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit, huh? Actually it is quite a good beer. It’s the first Mother Earth Brewing product we’ve tried and we were very impressed. It’s made here in Son Beer Love’s own backyard, so to speak – Eastern North Carolina.

The Weeping Willow Wit comes in a 12 oz bottle and costs $1.79/each. It weighs in at 5% ABV, though that number is not listed on their bottle or web site. We’re basing that off what we see at Beer Advocate. Interesting that they don’t list it as most American craft beers go overboard in giving ABVs, IBUs, Platos, specific gravity, etc. Our bottled on date was 8/10 (we actually reviewed this on 5/12/2011). For our review we used a weizen glass and on our initial pour we got an average 1 1/2″ foamy white head that dissipated quickly and left no head lacing in the process. There was a soft amount of carbonation and a good hazy straw/yellow body. Looks really good. Our initial temperature was 45.4 F.

Our initial aromas came in with a light biscuit, straw, wheat, lemon, lavender, mint, orange zest, yeast, light bubble gum, clove, light ginger, coriander, and pepper. A great witbier formula. We noticed some distinct aroma differences when we got a good swirl going that produced more orange notes compared to sitting still where we got more lemon notes.

For our initial flavors we got a light sweet and a very light bitter followed in the finish by a very light sweet, light bitter and very light tart. Our initial tastes ran pretty true to the aromas – a light biscuit, straw, wheat, lemon, light mint, orange zest, light yeast, light bubble gum, clove, ginger, coriander and pepper. Very refreshing.

The finish length is short, the mouthfeel is oily, and the tongue hit is in the front. The body lacing is fair and on our patented malt to hop scale it comes in one click to the left of balanced on the malty side. Not too sweet – just about right.

For our bottom line notes we got a yes to drinkable, repeatable, balance, harmony, value, and buy again. We got a no for memorable and wow factor. It’s good – just not the best we’ve done.

Overall the Weeping Willow Wit is a very interesting beer. We found it intriguing that swirling it almost made it more hefeweizen like. Swirled and unswirled it smells like two different beers. Must be something with mixing up the yeast. It reminds us of our beloved Celis White, though not quite as refined. Is it as good as a Hoegaarden? No. Is it better than a Blue Moon? Yes. We definitely recommend it. Serve it around 50 to 55 F and you should really like what you get.


Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit Rating: 7 out of 10 (?)

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