Raise Your Beer Glass To Sam Adams

By on March 25, 2008 @ 7 PM (No Comments)

As I’ve written about before, the ingredients that go into beer are experiencing extreme price increases, leading to a shortage of things like hops.

Combine that with the recent announcement that Boston Beer (makers of Sam Adams) just posted a huge 4th quarter increase in profits (despite the 21% increase in the price of goods) and year-over-year growth in profit (24%) and revenue (20%) and you witness a company poised to make a difference. So what do they do?

Announcing the Samuel AdamsĀ® Hop Sharing Program. They’re going to share their hops with other U.S. craft brewers who are struggling to get hops. They’re offering 20,000 lbs of hops to help the cause and they’re offering them AT COST to the brewers who need them. They’re not trying to make a buck here, they’re trying to help their own.

TheBeerFathers respect companies who post healthy revenues and profits in tough times, but he has an even greater respect for companies who acknowledge that competition is okay and tries to do the right thing during those same tough times. Make your next toast to Sam Adams for being good people.

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