RateBeer Releases Their Best Beers for 2010

By on February 27, 2010 @ 7 PM (2 Comments)

RateBeer.com, one of the two premiere community beer sites (along with BeerAdvocate.com), has released their new Best Beers lists for 2010. They do this every year and it’s always a great list of beers to look through, reflect on and have unusual and violent cravings for. No surprises at the top of the list really, but it’s fun to go through and see how many of the world’s best beers you’ve actually tried (The BeerFathers have done 17 of the top 100):

There are more lists than the ones above, those are just the most interesting ones to us. Check out the entire 2010 Best Beers page for all the other lists (by brewer, by other countries, etc).

By contrast and for those interested here are the BeerAdvocate.com lists of top beers:

The session beers list is of particular interest. We’ve done lots of the ones on this list – no surprise to see one of our all-time favorite session beers – Young’s Double Chocolate – in the top 15.

Here’s to good beers!

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  1. You guys really like your Imperial Stouts eh?

  2. Dad says:

    Once we were comfortable with dry and sweet stouts it was pretty easy to love them. Imperials are kind of like sex, when they are good they are excellent, when they’re bad they are still pretty darn good. Dad

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