Staying the Course

By on March 27, 2008 @ 9 PM (No Comments)

Last night I was enjoying a delicious Duck Rabbit Milk Stout (review to come later) out on the patio, throwing the toys for the dogs and enjoying the beautiful 70 degree evening that is more often than not springtime in Charlotte.

As it proceeded to get dark I came inside and sat down on the couch to finish off my tasty beverage and noticed a beer covered bug sitting near the inside rim of the glass, wavering and flailing, all drunk on dark beer. An unfortunate side effect of the warmer weather is that the bugs start to come out from wherever they’ve been hiding all those winter months.

Under normal circumstances if I find a bug in my food or beverage I usually cease and desist all eating of said food or beverage. However, this is beer. Beautiful, wonderful beer. Glorious, magnificent dark beer. So I grab a paper towel, scoop the bug out of the beer and proceed to lap down the rest of it, undaunted and undeterred, so singularly focused that a Zen master himself might look to me for advice on what “mind like water” truly means. What would I tell him? A mind on beer is a good place to start.

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