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By on November 17, 2008 @ 10 PM (No Comments)

Well, it’s been a while now, hasn’t it? How do we explain our near month long absence? Just ignore it and hope you didn’t notice? Not The BeerFathers’ style. It plays out like this: Father Beer Love had foot surgery and was not able to do a tasting for several weeks while he worked on getting his feet back under him, as it were. Son Beer Love hit his busy time of year for work which meant traveling to trade shows in far off exotic places like Chicago for upwards of 8 days at a time. Put all that together and you get essentially a month of no reviews and very little time for anything else.

We know this is all just an excuse, but trust us when we say we haven’t abandoned the beer site or the beer community, though our posts on Twitter may indicate otherwise. It’s just been a crazy couple of weeks here and we’re hoping things smooth right on out. We’ve got some beer reviews in the queue as well we’ll be updating here shortly and things should go back to normal here at The BeerFathers. We should even get some in person reviews around Christmas! Thanks for hanging in there with us.

In the meantime, we found an interesting article that introduces people to the different styles of beers that work well with the seasons and also goes into food pairings. Nothing groundbreaking for hardcore craft beers drinkers, but a good choice for someone just getting into craft beers: To Every Beer There Is a Season. Cheers!

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