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By on February 12, 2008 @ 1 PM (1 Comment)

The lovely Mrs. Beer Love and I went to see the Missouri clan – mom and brother Beer Love and Maggie the wonder dog last October. In the local grocery store I found area-brewed Boulevard brand wheat beer and Fat Tire Amber Ale and got a six of each. In the county seat I found in a drug store the Boulevard Bully Porter and grabbed another six. Far and away my best find was Gomer’s in Lee’s Summit with a 12 door cooler with 7-8 doors devoted to craft and import beer and an eight foot run of room temp, imports in single and multi packs. I was blown away but grabbed about $20 worth of singles and vowed to come back before we left.

On our last day there I donned my “Octoberfest 06” shirt and headed out in a blinding rainstorm (I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ rain, tornadoes, however, have me cowering in the basement and shivering like a scared puppy). With my list of what I already had (to make sure I had at least two of each – one for me and one for Son Beer Love), I walked away with another $60 worth of beer. Before I left I got to see a $99 bottle of import that was either a Jeroboam 5L or a Methuselah size. Now there’s a PARTY. That evening as we loaded the car for our trip home the Lovely Mrs. Beer Love said there wasn’t enough room in the trunk for the luggage.

There are two lessons to be learned from this trip. One, as you travel be on the lookout for new craft beers and imports (the lovely Mrs. Beer Love and I can hardly pass a beer or shoe store). Two, if you have to stuff dirty cloths in cases and 6 packs to make room in the trunk, make sure you check thoroughly when you get home to avoid finding them a couple of months later, or just get a trailer.

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  1. Dave says:

    God Bless Gomers….glad you found them. They have an excellent location in Kansas City – Gomer’s Midtown on Broadway. A funky store chocked full of excellent and exotic beers plus a knowledgeable staff…a MUST visit in KC!

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