Widmer Hefeweizen

By on September 21, 2007 @ 6 PM (1 Comment)

I must admit I really like good hefe’s and on a 92 degree summer day I was looking forward to one. This is new to the area so I got a single.

Beer temp. 39.9 F-4.6 C. Pours a cloudy amber gold with no head. Aroma of lemon and grain but not the distinctive biscuit wheat aroma that makes my mouth water. The first sip is lemony and really bitter without any touch of sweetness of a good hefe. Either this damn thing is bad or it has way too many hops for a wheat beer. The bitterness overpowers the pepper taste if there is any. The delicate subtle wheat beer taste just isn’t in there. Even Samuel Adams Summer Ale is more restrained in the hops. The only reason I’m not pouring it out is I’m so damn cheap. Hope the one inch charge I saved at the bottom would be better. It wasn’t.

Repeatability, I could barely choke this one down. Normally I only give beers I pour out a 0 but I’ll give this one a belated pour out.

Note – I picked up a package of Port Salut flavor blended cheese which isn’t very strong but it did take the taste of this stinker out of my mouth. No matter how bad this beer was I’d drink a case of it for one more night sitting around drinking wine or beer (sometimes homemade sometimes store bought) and eating stinky cheese with my father. I miss you dad!!! Port Salut brings back a lot of memories.

Widmer Hefeweizen Rating: 0 out of 10 (?)

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  1. Jon says:

    I am a real fan of hefeweizens and try every one I can find. I bought a six of this and cracked my first one looking forward to it. This is one of the worst hefewiezens I have ever had. What the heck was Widmer thinking? I drank a Bud Light to get its taste out of my mouth ( ok, kidding on that ). This beer had nothing to recommend it for. YUCH!

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