A Beer Love New Year

By on January 1, 2008 @ 4 PM (No Comments)

Happy new year from The BeerFathers! To celebrate we’ve made some resolutions for ourselves and are excited about the beers we will consume, nay become one with, in 2008. We’ve got a backlog of paper reviews we’ve got to type up and post from 2007 and we will begin doing that shortly. Full apologies for our absence – computers were down at the Father Beer Love residence and Son Beer Love was working on creating and coding some new Beer Love features. That aside, here’s our list of resolutions for 2008:

  • More beer ratings and reviews – we only got up to 55 in 2007 and we slacked off towards the end of the year. Apologies for that. We are recommitting ourselves to the beer and sharing in the beer love with you.
  • More broad focus on beer – more than just ratings and reviews, we also just want to write about beer. So The BeerFathers here have created this beer blog to post our other beer thoughts.
  • More tools to help you stop worrying and love the beer – in addition to more reviews and our new blog, we’ve got some other tools we’re currently crafting in our beer labs to help you further enjoy your beer quest. More details to come soon.

That’s it. Thanks for hanging out with us in 2007 and here’s to a beerful 2008!

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