Single-Handedly Saving the Beer Industry One Beer at a Time

By on January 2, 2008 @ 5 PM (No Comments)

Good news: TheBeerFathers has single-handedly revitalized the beer industry. Or not. But the beer industry is regaining some of its steam and in 2007 recouped some of the losses it had been experiencing to, of all things, mixed drinks, thanks mostly to the surging interest in craft beers, such as those featured here on The BeerFathers. (Also featured: run-on sentences).

To steal a line from Fake Steve Jobs (who happens to be The BeerFathers’ favorite blogger – both Father and Son Beer Love now blog from home on their macs), money quote:

After years of losing people to mixed drinks, industry experts say the beer industry regained some of its lost luster in 2007, helped by surging interest in craft beers, a slowing economy and the desire of more drinkers to imbibe at home.

That’s right – drinking craft beers at home is revitalizing the beer industry. Imbibe away folks!
Read the full, boring story here.

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