Ask The BeerFathers: Why Are There No 10 Out of 10 Ratings?

By on January 28, 2008 @ 10 PM (No Comments)

A reader writes:

Q. I’m a bit surprised that you don’t have any 10 out 10 ratings. What gives?

A. You’re not the first to notice. We are being quite stingy with our ratings, at least initially. Why? Here’s our logic: how can you truly rate something as the top beer if you don’t have a healthy sample to rate it against?

To put it to an extreme, if the only beer you’ve tried is a Bud Lite and then all of a sudden you get, say, a Michelob Amber Bock, you might think that’s the best beer in the world. We didn’t want that sort of bias in our “tests” so we collectively vowed there would be no 10s until we’ve tried at least 100 beers. A 10 rating means it’s the best beer, nothing could be better, and that’s a tall order. Try any beer and ask yourself “Could there possibly be anything better?” A 10 would need to come as close to “no” as you can possibly come.

Who knows, we may have already tried a 10, but we’ll hold judgment until we have a strong enough sample size to substantiate the claim. If after 100 we feel that one of the previous ratings deserves the honor we’ll correct it and give it’s true rating. We don’t take these ratings lightly. After all, we’re The BeerFathers.

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