New AB Offerings

By on January 29, 2008 @ 7 PM (No Comments)

It looks like Anheuser-Busch is continuing their focus on the craft beer drinkers market (that would be you and me) with a few new offerings (the full story from the STL Today is here):

  • Wild Blue – an 8% ABV blueberry lager. This has been sold in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois and is coming to St. Louis soon. (Note: I hope they don’t make it sickly sweet – fruiting the beer is an art form that very few have gotten right. “Subtle” should be a word they keep on their minds when brewing this).
  • Red Rolling Rock – a label application has been submitted for a red lager version of Rolling Rock, which uses toasted caramel malts.
  • Sun Dog Amber Wheat Ale – a label application has also been submitted for this limited edition seasonal, featuring a slightly citrus hop aroma and caramel malty taste.

The BeerFathers ask, what’s your take on craft beers made by these mass market beer companies? A nice expansion or are they trying to be something they’re not?

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