Ettaler Curator Dunkler Doppelbock

By on February 25, 2007 @ 6 PM (No Comments)

This one came recommended from the owner of Brawley’s. I must admit the idea of a dunkel doppelbock was intriguing. Pour is a dark brown, I had to hold it up to the light to make sure it wasn’t black. A decent head, but nothing to write home about, it went away pretty quickly. It has a 9% ABV – you need to keep your guard up for that. It has a rich smell – some malts and fruits jump at you. The flavor was dark roasted malts and a little woody – maple perhaps. It gets better as it warms up. It’s a fairly smooth, slightly bitter finish with a touch of hops. It feels a little thick in the mouth. Overall a drinkable brew. It’s not as complex as the latest double bock I’ve tried (Paulaner Salvator) – not as sweet, but still interesting and good.

Ettaler Curator Dunkler Doppelbock Rating: 6 out of 10 (?)

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