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Sam Adams Honey Porter2011.04.073 Comments
Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout2011.01.100 Comments
Smithwick’s Irish Ale2009.01.062 Comments
Left Hand Deep Cover Brown Ale2008.12.020 Comments
Hofbrau Original2008.12.012 Comments
Sam Adams Octoberfest2008.11.262 Comments
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale2008.09.230 Comments
Entire Butt English Porter2008.09.101 Comment
Dogfish Head Aprihop2008.08.171 Comment
Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish Porter2008.06.110 Comments
Les Trois Mousquetaires Imperial Weizen2008.05.220 Comments
Rogue Dead Guy Ale2008.05.081 Comment
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale2008.01.074 Comments
Arcadia London Porter2008.01.030 Comments
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale2007.08.161 Comment

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