Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish Porter

By on June 11, 2008 @ 6 PM (No Comments)

This selection came from BOTMC (Thanks John) and comes from the Flying Dog brewery of course. It isn’t available here so it was a rare treat for me.

Beer temp. 53.0F-11.4C 5.3% ABV. The beer was ruby brown in color with a 2 inch foamy head which was light brown in color. The head dissipated slowly and laced fairly well. Carbonation was soft and the body clarity although dark was clear. Aromas were caramel, coffee, molasses, nutty, toasted, citrus and black licorice. Taste were nutty, mild black licorice, dark brown sugar, and smoke. Initial flavors were light sweet and light bitter. Finish was moderate sweet, moderate bitter and light salty. Finish duration was average, mouthfeel was oily and had fair body lacing. On the malt to hop scale I put it at a 4 or just to the malt side of balanced. 5 of the 7 aromas came from the malts. Repeatable yes, drinkable yes, balance yes, harmony yes, memorable no, wow factor no, buy again yes.

I liked the nice smoked taste and the mild anise. I found it uncommonly smooth. I wish I could find it here. This is just a great everyday porter. I also appreciate the low ABV. It is fairly complex but still has a simpleness to it and I mean that in a good way. Great balance. Would keep in the rotation if I could. It’s like a pair of shoes that we all have, not good enough to wear to a fancy outing but one step ahead of “Are you going to wear those ratty old things?” They just fit and are so comfortable. However I would only drink this on a day of the week that had a “Y” in it — isn’t that a lucky coincidence?

Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish Porter Rating: 6 out of 10 (?)

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