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By on August 13, 2008 @ 7 PM (1 Comment)

Father Beer Love and I were chatting recently and we both mentioned that it would be nice to have a dictionary of some of the beer terms we frequently use on the site. Not an all-encompassing beer dictionary, but just something that we could use as a reference and those who read the site could use as well to understand both our terminology and beer terminology in general a little better.

So we had a little brainstorm session and came up with a few best practices:

  • It must be in layman’s terms
  • It must have short, quick definitions – one sentence when possible
  • It should be fun, not stuffy

A good example of the above is our definition for Session Beer – “A beer with a low enough alcohol content that you can drink many of them in one sitting without becoming all sloppy drunk.” This is the kind of thing that can be easily understood and may help bridge the gap with some craft beer outsiders and craft beer newbies.

So have a look at the first pass of our beer dictionary and let us know what you think. We also added a link to it up in the main navigation bar at the top of the page for easy access (called Beer Dictionary, appropriately enough).

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  1. Scott says:

    That’s really a great idea. The key to understanding anything is having a grip on the lingo commonly used.
    Creating a plain-English, beer-vocabulary resource is something everybody can benefit from!

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