Lindemans Peche Lambic

By on August 10, 2008 @ 10 PM (6 Comments)

In our ongoing Father and Son Thursday night beer review saga, where we never have an offseason, we finally reviewed our very first lambic. For the occasion we chose Lindemans Peche Lambic, which comes to us from Lindemans Farm Brewery in Belgium. Judging from this first review we wouldn’t mind visiting Lindemans Farm Brewery, falling into a vat of lambic and trying to drink our way out. Yeah – it was that good.

First off, this is the hardest beer in the world to open. It’s capped and corked so you’ll need a corkscrew and a strong will because the cap doesn’t come off easily. Having a little experience with the bottle opener as we’re closing in on 100 beers reviewed we were a little shocked just how hard it was to open. Oh well – the good stuff in life takes a little more work.

Once we got it open we poured our 12 ounce, roughly $6 bottle into an American pint glass and got a temperature of 46.8 F. The ABV comes in about 4%, a little light, but who are we to question the Belgians? The initial pour gave us a small 3/4″ fizzy white head that dissipated quickly and left virtually no head lacing. There is a little touch of carbonation to this slightly hazy golden lambic.

The initial aromas are sweet biscuit, wheat, shortcake, floral, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream and a healthy dose of peach. An absolutely great smell – light and sweet. The initial flavors came in as sweet biscuit, cinnamon, cream and peach, but also added some other light fruits to the mix – apple and pear come in much lighter than the peach, but it’s there. It’s an insanely delicious combination of flavors. The initial flavor notes are a moderate to heavy sweet and a light acidic. The finish flavor notes are a light sweet and moderate tart. Again – this beer works the whole way through to the finish.

The finish duration is short, there’s no body lacing to speak of and the mouthfeel is syrupy. On the malt to hop scale it comes in very malty – about 3.5 clicks to the left of balanced on the malty side.

For our bottom line notes we got the rare 7 yes set – Repeatable, drinkable, balanced, harmony, memorable, wow factor and buy again – all yes. It’s a wonderful sugary taste with a sweet and syrupy start that evolves to a nice tart finish. It’s really a great beer that you think is going to be too sweet, but instead it’s just sweet enough. The only knock is the price – about $6 per bottle. If you were to develop a lambic habit you could go bankrupt rather quickly. Ultimately we highly recommend it. It’s not a dessert beer, it’s dessert.

Lindemans Peche Lambic Rating: 8 out of 10 (?)

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  1. poobear820 says:

    This is the best beer I have ever tasted!!!!!!!
    I have turned friends on to this lovely tasting beer and have observed them drinking with total pleasure. I agree with John and Dad’s review of this Belgian ale !00%. To those who enjoy a good beer every now and then this is the one to purchase. It is a bit costly but worth the extra case.

  2. Andrea says:

    I had Peche for the first time last Friday and fell in love at the first sip. It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to have more. I said it’s such a “girly” beer but in all the good ways. The bartender laughed. I love Guiness so Peche is totally on the opposite end of the scale on so many levels. It’s calm, sweet, soothing, and Peachy!!! I immediately thought (after being a girly beer…haha) what a wonderful dessert companion this beer is. Love Peche!

  3. I just had their Raspberry (link above) and would use your last paragraph to describe it exactly. Little expensive, just sweet enough, etc… Great beer and I’m thinking I’ll try this Peach one soon!

  4. Kala NuiKukai says:

    We had this delightful beer in Belgium a few weeks ago. I fancy myself a connoisseur of fine brews and if I could only have one beer the rest of my life, this might be it.

  5. i am enjoying one of these delicious beverages while i’m typing this, i agree with poobear820, this is by far the best beer i’ve ever had in my life, worth every penny

  6. Christian says:

    Is the end of 2010, I had a Peche for the first time in my life. I enjoyed uncapping and uncorking this awful beer, please don’t buy it ,it is better to drink a glass of coke. Just try buying a good wine.

    Happy 2011,… sorry I didn’t like it.

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