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By on August 7, 2008 @ 7 PM (1 Comment)

We’ve added a quick new feature to the The BeerFathers site that we’re jazzed about – timely beer photos. As you know we have featured our old friend – the dark beer in the tulip glass – prominently at the top right side of every page since we relaunched the site in May this year. And we love that beer photo – very sexy, curves in all the right places and it’s really indicative of the kind of beer we strive to drink here at The BeerFathers.

With that said though, 12 months out of the year isn’t always the right time for that dark beer, so we got a little creative and decided to do 12 different beer photos throughout the year. I wrote a little script that figures out what month it is and gives you an appropriate beer photo for that month. You’ll see the beers get lighter and darker throughout the year, taking into account what month it is and what kind of beer we’d be likely to drink (i.e. a hefeweizen in July). We’ve also found some nifty other photos that really work with some of the holidays – we think you’ll really like our Christmas photo for December, our nod to Valentine’s Day in February and our ode to St Patrick’s Day with a green beer in March. And what would Oktoberfest be without a beer pretzel? And not to worry – our old dark beer in the tulip glass stays in as our January beer.

We hope you enjoy the new photos and we hope you continue to stop worrying and love the beer. Let us know what you think!

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  1. Jay says:

    Doesn’t anybody talk about beer here?

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