Red Stripe

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After several high gravity stouts and Belgian style ales I thought I’d have a good hot weather lager. Use a pilsner glass.

Beer temp. 43.8F – 6.7C. Pours medium gold with a nice white head that holds fairly well with nice active carbonation. Slightly sweet aroma, without much hoppiness. First sip is slightly sweet with very mild hops and malt, and a clean finish. Hidden inside the mild sweet flavor is a hint of molasses. The mouth feel is fairly thin and flavors fade quickly leaving a pleasant sweetness. The mild hops work the back of the tongue. It has a crispness to it that I don’t know how to describe. It’s just drinkable.

It’s a great summer beer. Anybody that thinks that light crisp clean and slightly sweet won’t hit the spot ain’t been to Louisiana in the summer. 98 degrees with 50% to 85% humidity, and some days it gets really bad. Weather like this cries out for something just like this. It is a moral imperative.

This crisp clean beer just cries out for something bold with spice and salt and smoke. That’s right I’m talking bout “Q”. Not the James Bond chap, I mean real when you walk in the joint and I do mean joint you can smell smoke before you get to the door. Then you’ll find some real BBQ. If it says it is a restaurant it ain’t a real joint. The only thing green that’s ever been alive should be the pickles and peppers, plants couldn’t survive the smoke.

The closest I could get to Q was some roast brisket with some very bad low carb BBQ sauce left over from some diet or other. Even without the smoky and spicy undertones it was good. The only thing better than a Red Stripe is a Red Stripe and Q. The only thing better would be Red Stripe and Q for free. Any takers? Repeatability, absolutely, just keep bringing them on.

NOTE: I finally got some real Q, a Podnuh’s smoked sausage plate, sausage, potato salad, beans with the little “cat toes” and Greek peppers and had a Red Stripe with it. Talk about heavenly, it was a great lunch. Must do again.

Red Stripe Rating: 5 out of 10 (?)

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