Schlafly Saison

By on January 21, 2008 @ 4 PM (No Comments)

I brought this one back from a trip to the Kansas City area and only had one so I couldn’t give one to John and I’m really sorry I didn’t.

Beer Temp. 42.8F – 6.1C. 6% ABV. Pours light amber with 1.5 inch off white head with large bubbles. Aroma light caramel with a hint of lemon. Medium to light caramel flavor with a tartness that yields to a mild bitterness of the hops at the finish. Very smooth finish. It has more character than my last Vienna style lager, which this looks like, but this is an ale and the Belgian yeast give it a nice tang that I would call lemony. There are four elements: caramel, sweet, tart and bitter, all subtle and balance perfectly together. This has real harmony. Mouthfeel is okay but not outstanding. It must be bottle conditioned as there is a cloudy charge at the bottom with a more predominant lemon aroma from the yeast. Now I see why some pour the charge into a shot glass at the end to enjoy. This style is called a farmhouse ale because it was brewed in farmhouses to give to the workers during the late summer harvest.

Repeatability, absolutely. If you can find it try it, you’ll be glad you did. Wish I could find it locally.

Schlafly Saison Rating: 7 out of 10 (?)

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