The Beer Scene on Bourbon Street

By on January 17, 2009 @ 10 PM (No Comments)

Huge Ass BeersThe Beer Love wife and I took a trip to New Orleans back in September for our babymoon (the last big trip before the baby comes) and happened to find our way to Bourbon Street. Though The BeerFather has been to Bourbon Street several times before (I am from Louisiana, mind you), unfortunately I wasn’t so much into the beer scene back then. Those times tended to consist of hurricanes and hand grenades and resulted in well, we won’t go there.

So this time I paid attention and what did I find? Not surprisingly, the focus of the beer scene on Bourbon Street is much like that of the hard liquor scene – the debilitating effects of the drink rather than the notes, flavors and variety.

There are a few good places off Bourbon Street (d.b.a. and Crescent City Brewhouse come to mind), but Bourbon Street offers a unique focus on beer in a way that is noble in it’s own right. Something you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the continental United States. What can I say? Take a look at the photo above and tell me they don’t know their target market.

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