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List Last Updated: October 2011

We’ve all been frustrated at some point with the beers in our local market (Father Beer Love calls Shreveport/Bossier a vast “Stout Wasteland”). So what are your options if you who have a poor beer selection where you are or if you just want to find some good stuff that’s maybe not distributed in your area? Welcome to buying beer online!

Our beer pal Eli Shayotovich wrote an article many years ago on the top places to buy beer online. It was a great post that really opened my eyes on how to get beer online – unfortunately it’s no longer available.

So we decided to go ahead and put together a list of where to buy beer online based on our own experiences. I know I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on this before Eli’s article, and searching online really didn’t produce a ton of helpful links, so hopefully this can help you get started and save you a little time like Eli did for me. It’s worth noting that I’m not talking about “beer of the month club” sites, rather these are sites that you can go to and purchase exactly the beers you want.


  • Half Time Beverage – Possibly the largest selection we’ve found online (around 1,800 beers). It’s not a liquor store, they only sell beer. Their online presence is pretty great too – search by brewery, country, color, style, ABV, and for us bitter Americans even by hop content. Lots of good brands: Brew Dog, Stone, Great Divide, Lagunitas, Avery, Hoppin Frog, Dogfish Head, Bear Republic, Mikkeller and even our beloved Theakston Old Peculier. Online beer ordering, a beer of the month club and their retail store has 12 taps running at all times. Great stuff. Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, a city still living off the buzz marketing campaign of John Cage’s character in Ally McBeal.
  • Bierkraft – a really good selection, online beer ordering, reputable site. Probably between 400 and 500 beers available online. Based in Brooklyn, New York, where they operate a retail store as well.
  • BottleTrek – About 500 beers to choose from and a pretty wide-ranging selection across the styles. Kind of hard to find certain beers on the site, but they’ve got good beer taste. Unlike most others on this list they don’t have a physical storefront, they just ship online. Based near Eugene, Oregon.
  • Hi-Time Wine Cellars – It’s a wine store that has a little bit of everything, including hard liquor (one of the best scotch selections I’ve seen) and beer – lots of beer (well over 1,000 beers including some pretty unique stuff). Family owned and based in California and recommended by one of my readers.
  • Shoppers Vineyard – It’s primarily a wine shop, but as we know there’s a lot of good wine shops that also do beer. Around 400 to 500 beers to choose from with online ordering. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, where they operate a retail store.
  • Binny’s Beverage Depot – Good selection of beers (they bought out Sam’s Wine), but you can only get some of the beers online (some are marked “in-store only”). Based near Chicago, Illinois, where they operate 20+ stores.
  • John’s Grocery – About 700 beers to order and a really great Belgian selection (about 125 beers). The site is kind of hard to navigate and it’s a little wonky as they publish the beer list and prices online but you can’t order online. You have to call them to order and they’ll only ship to select states. Based in Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Archer Liquors – Mixed selection including Three Floyds, Hoppin’ Frog, Bell’s, Founder’s, Dogfish Head, Stone, Great Divide, Lagunitas and Bear Republic, but lots listed that you can’t buy. No online ordering either, you have to email them very specific directions. Based in Chicago, Illinois.
  • BevMo! – A really respectable selection (well over 1,000 beers) with online beer ordering, real-time inventory and a lots of good photos. Based in Concord, California and they operate over 100 stores on the West Coast in California and Arizona. They only ship beer to California and Arizona though.

International (Belgian):

  • BelgianShop – Exactly what you think it would be – focuses on Belgian beers with a great selection of stuff you’ve never heard of. About 700 beers total. Expensive, but worth it. Online beer ordering and they ship globally. Based in Verviers, Belgium.
  • BeerBoxx – Very nice site focusing on only Belgian beers, with over 800 in stock. In addition to individual beers you can order themed beer boxes – such as a box of tripel, a box of trappist or a box of Gueuze. May be the best designed beer site we’ve seen. Online ordering with worldwide shipping. Based in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Beer Planet – Almost 1,000 Belgian beers to choose from. It’s not the prettiest site but the selection is immense. Online ordering and worldwide shipping. Based in Brussels, Belgium.

The BeerFathers’ personal favorite? It’s the BelgianShop where you can get some great Trappist Belgian beers and the appropriate glassware to fully enjoy it like it was meant to be enjoyed. Their selection is mind blowing – you can even find the rare Westvleteren Abt 12 (which we have ordered and tasted from them – wow), as well as stuff from Rochefort, St. Bernardus, Abbaye des Rocs, Hoegaardens you won’t find in the US, Belgian cheeses and a lot more. They actually ship from Belgium though, so your shipping and handling may be a tiny bit more than a standard order from say, Amazon.com.

A warning to those who read this: don’t come crying to us when you drop hundreds of dollars on your online beer orders, because, well, we’ve done the same thing.

And if you’re trying to find a beer to buy online and aren’t having any luck just leave a comment for us below and we’ll do our best to help you locate it. Please tell us where you are and we may be able to find somewhere local to get it.

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  1. Another great place for your Belgian Beer Orders is http://www.TheBelgianBeerShop.com

  2. diane says:

    Im looking to buy plain miller beer. where can i get it?

  3. John says:

    Diane – Plain Miller Beer was a short lived experiment by Miller in the late 90’s – it went from about 1996 to 1998. Failed miserably. You can no longer by just plain Miller like you can plain Budweiser or plain Coors.

  4. Stephen says:

    I’m looking to purchase the entire collection of Fuller’s vintage ales beginning from 1997 to current. I can’t seem to find them at all and I can’t seem to find any sort of online auction or warehouse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. my e-mail is burnzee_stephen@yahoo.com, thanks!

  5. David says:

    I am looking to buy Iron City Golden tall cans for the SuperBowl. Any ideas wher to find?

  6. John says:

    Iron City’s site offers a beer finder at this page that may help you out: http://www.ironcitybrewingcompany.com/tabid/68/Default.aspx

  7. Kent says:

    Im looking for Pabst Blue Ribbon Light. I can get PBR regular, but they stopped selling the light. Looking for an online source that can ship to Tennessee.

  8. John says:

    It looks like Sam’s Wine online has PBR light in cans/bottles – may be on backorder though it says. http://www.samswine.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-SamsWine-Site/default/Search-Show?q=pabst&=x

  9. Dan says:

    Anyone know where I can buy Leon Negra in the US?

  10. John says:

    Dan – from what I’ve seen Leon Negra is usually only available in Yucatan down in Mexico. I haven’t seen any of the online shops carrying it. Their Negra Modelo, Modelo, Corona and Pacifico Clara is pretty much all I see them shipping up into the states. Anyone else here know of any place to find the Leon Negra?

  11. Hope someone can help, I’m looking for Tuborg Gold. They sell it in Canada, and I live in California. Thanks, John

  12. John says:

    John – Tuborg Gold is made by Carlsberg over in Denmark – it’s sold in the US under the name Tuborg Premium Lager. I see you can order their cans online from John’s Grocery in Iowa:
    Or at the Beer Store in Australia:

  13. john says:

    Well I called Johns grocery for Tuborg premium lager and they no longer carry it……. any other ideas? Now I’m on a mission to find it, without flying to Denmark. Thanks

  14. John says:

    John – all the other places I find online are overseas, like the other link I posted to the Australian site. You may try contacting Tuborg directly through the contact form on their site – they may be able to point you to some US distribution:
    Good luck in your beer quest!

  15. Mark says:

    Where can I buy Frankenmuth Dark online or by New York City?

  16. John says:

    Sorry Mark, but the Frankenmuth Brewery went out of business. From what I can see they went out of business around the end of 2006.
    See here:
    And their old web site:
    Which says “The Frankenmuth Brewery will be closed from November 5th, 2006 for a period of 8 to 10 weeks.” It’s now 2009 and they still have that message, which means they likely are closed for good. Sorry man!

  17. Donna says:

    looking for Kona Pipeline Porter. the only site i found is hi-time wine cellars and the shipping is pricey. any help?

  18. Pete H. says:

    I’m looking for Old Style in the Chicago Cubs bottles (with the ivy that changes with the beer temp). Any one know how I can purchase it?

  19. John says:

    Pete – the only place I’ve seen the Old Style bottles is eBay, but they’re being sold as empties. Link to an auction/buy it now here:
    I’m sure you’ve seen that too – I’ve not found any resources for getting these bottles full, but it seems like the value is in the bottles more than the content of the bottles. Good luck!

  20. nicole says:

    Hi. just moved to Alberta, Canada from Texas. I’m used to my Miller Lite and unfortunately can’t buy it up here. Is there anyway to buy this online? Where? would someone please help me out !!!

  21. anubis says:

    where can I get Simpatico beer from Mexico its back in the states but who knows where ?

  22. Luis says:

    Where I can buy (online) Estrella Damm Inedit beer bottle that can be delivered to Puerto Rico.

  23. Georgie says:

    Do you know where I can find either in shop or online, a bottle or two of “Old Engine Oil?” I’m finding it very difficult to find somewhere that will be able to delivier to the UK.

  24. Dave Bright says:

    Looking For; Bud Ice Light / cans.. I been drinking this beer for 10 yrs. Can no longer find it in cans.

  25. jeff says:

    I was recently in Alaska and found a great beer. Alaskan Summer, but I can’t find a websight that sells that. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  26. Lux says:

    after a Trip back to Buffalo NY I am now looking for Labatts 50 in the Los Angeles area or Online, any ideas?

  27. Melissa says:

    I was recently in France and tried a beer called Desperados. Does anyone know where I can buy this in the US or online that will ship to the US?

  28. liz says:

    is there anywhere to find black star golden lager? it’s out of production now, but i was hopeing to find somewhere that still had a few cases laying around. any ideas?

  29. Randy says:

    Anyone know of where to get Lone Star beer on line? Or even in the state of Virginia? Many thanks in advance…

  30. Mllco says:

    yesssssssss, I have found Westy 12 at http://shop.belgianshop.com .
    I hope to recieve the 4 bottles that I have purchased before next WE. mmmmmmmmm

  31. andy says:

    Anyone know where i can get some Ithaca Apricot Wheat? I live in Chicago… :(

  32. Matthew says:

    Where can i find Molson XXX online

  33. Kristine says:

    I’m looking to buy Port Royal from Honduras, w/o having to go to Honduras. Been searching everywhere to no avail – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  34. Michael says:

    any ideas whe i can buy original Tuborg Beer online? The italian Tuborg is well. It must be not Danmark, but it dont can be Germany. The Tuborg is all over the world my favor, bat in Germany ist it a “German Beer” with taste like all the other german beers only. (brewed by the “Deutsches Reinheitsgebot”.
    Hope anyone can helpt to get it.

  35. Thadious O. Mitchell says:

    Where can I find Balentime beer in N.J. or any where online.

  36. Jill says:

    I am looking for Two Dogs Lemon Brew Beer. I can not find it anywhere. I have tried to have it ordered to local liquor stores but they are unable in Oklahoma. I have bought it in Texas. Please let me know lilmama110@hotmail.com

  37. Shawn Sousa says:

    Does anyone know of a website where I could buy BeerTender (DraughtKeg) minikegs? Currently, they only sell Heineken/Heineken Light where I live. I know in other places in the U.S. they sell New Castle in this type of mini keg, and many other brands such as Amstel and Murphy’s Irish Red are available in Europe.
    If anyone knew of a site online where I could order any of these, I would be forever grateful.

  38. John says:

    Randy – you can get Lone Star beer online from Biggie Liquor. This should link directly to the Lone Star page:


  39. LARRY TINDER says:


  40. John says:

    Larry – I’m not quite sure where to get it in Southern California. A few options though:

    Email them at info@simpaticobeer.com and see if they can help you locate a distributor.

    Direct message them on Twitter – http://twitter.com/simpaticobeer

    I found one post from someone online who said that Tesco sold it – I’m guessing they meant Tesco Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, which is in Southern California. You can find one near you and visit to see if they do carry it: http://www.freshandeasy.com/WhereWeAre.aspx

    Good luck finding it!

  41. Parker says:

    Does anyone know a website that sells Sol 40 oz. and ships to canada?

  42. pat says:

    Where can i get molson’s old style pilsner shipped to NY

  43. John says:

    Pat – for Old Style Pilsner I found this email address – they may be able to get you more info: thebunny@oldstylepilsner.com

  44. eonj says:

    I’m looking for Old Hawling Bastard, by Blue Point Brewery NY. I’m told that it’s seasonal, and discontinued till December but, if that be true, someone somewhere must have some left in stock. Any ideas ?

  45. John says:

    Eonj – your best bet would be to call them and see if they could put you in touch with any of their local distributors that could hook you up – 631-475-6944.

    I did find one online you may try calling – BierKraft in Brooklyn – whose site says they can sell it online – 718-230-7600 or http://bierkraft.com/browseproducts/Bluepoint-Old-Howling-Bastard-25oz.html

    Also try Linwood Wine and Liquor in New Jersey – 201-944-5504 or http://www.linwoodwineco.com/r/products/bluepoint-brewing-company-old-howling-bastard

    Good luck finding it!

  46. Glenn says:

    I am trying to find an online dealer whee I can purchase Heilemans old style You cannot find it within 500 miles of here and thats too far to drive for a brew

  47. John says:

    Glenn – I didn’t see any online dealers that had it in their inventory in my quick search, but try calling John’s Grocery in Iowa City – 319-337-2183. I don’t see it on their web site but I see Heileman’s in a lot of places in Iowa.

    Also, try getting in touch with the beer company (Old Style Beer) directly – oldstyle@oldstylebeer.com or 1-800-935-BEER and maybe they can hook you up or tell you who can hook you up. They’re also on Facebook if you want to talk to them that way:


  48. Paul says:

    I live in Chicago area and am looking to buy Creemore, either locally or online.

  49. John says:

    Paul – I didn’t see it on any of the traditional online stores I looked at. I suggest you contact Creemore Springs – they’re up in Ontario, Canada – and ask them about their distribution down to the Chicago Land area. Toll-free: 1-800-267-2240; Email: thefolks@creemoresprings.com

  50. Laurie says:

    I am looking for Simpatico Beer, can’t seem to find it anywhere, any ideas?

  51. John says:

    Laurie – you probably need to contact Simpatico directly – email them at info@simpaticobeer.com and see if they can help you locate a distributor. You can also direct message them on Twitter – http://twitter.com/simpaticobeer and see if you get a response. Make sure you tell them where you’re at!

  52. Nancy says:

    Okay I need some Rainier beer for a gift.
    How can I get it sent to me?

  53. John says:

    Nancy – you probably need to contact Rainer. First try their beer locator tool on their web site and see if there’s anything close by (you didn’t say where you’re at):


    You may have to verify your age first to get access to the site. If you don’t have any luck there call their toll-free number: 1-800-935-BEER or email them at products@pabst.com (Rainier is contract brewed by Pabst Brewing Company, which contract brews lots of other beers such as Pearl, Lone Star and others). Good luck!

  54. Richie says:

    John, any idea where I can find Star beer of Ghana? I have a friend from there with a birthday coming up, and all he talks about is his old time brew! Any thoughts?

  55. John says:

    Richie – this is going to be a tough one. To get a Ghana beer here may be next to impossible. From what I’ve found it’s rare to see it export out of the country. A few ideas:

    1) Contact Guinness Ghana Breweries, who makes the beer in Africa:
    Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd.
    tel. +233-21-400 649
    fax. +233-21-400 673

    2) Find someone who has rated it on Beer Advocate or Rate Beer and get in touch with them and see if they’d be willing to do a beer exchange with you:

    3) I found one place in the US that has it – Ghana Cafe in Washington, D.C.:
    Their contact info:
    1336 14th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005.
    Telephone: (202) 387-3845
    Email: anthonyopare@hotmail.com

    Maybe you’re near DC? If not contact them and see what they can do for you.

    Good luck Richie!

  56. Chad says:

    I’m live in Las Vegas and my girlfriend is from the mid-west. She loves Labatt Blue Light. I can’t find it anywhere here. I’ve looked online and can’t find anybody that will ship it here. Any suggestions?


  57. tim mcelroy says:

    I am from Buffalo NY but live in Raleigh NC, where can I get Labatt blue light down here?

  58. Alicia says:

    Anyone know where I can order ANY of the FLENSBURGER biers from? I’m looking for any of the beers, or glassware with the brewery logo??? Also that will ship to Canada

  59. eonj says:

    May I have your opinion as to where I may find, online, schlafly reserve barleywine ?

  60. Nick says:

    Does anyone know where I can get Heileman’s Old Style online? I live in Ohio and the only time I can find it in stores is when I’m in Chicago.

  61. John says:

    Nick – see our answer number 47. above – that’s in response to someone else asking about Heileman’s Old Style. Good luck!

  62. John Cusak says:

    I like a fresh zima in the morning. Anyone know where I can find those? I heard they are very rare and imported from the mountains of Tibet.

  63. If you are look for Australian craft beer try http://www.beercartel.com.au

  64. joe treest says:

    i want to know where i can buy heilemans old style beer online, because they dont sell it in alabama….

  65. John says:

    Joe – see our answer number 47 above – that’s in response to someone else asking about Heileman’s Old Style. Good luck!

  66. Mark says:

    Anyone know if Indio beer is available in the US market? Had it in Cabo San Lucas and it was awesome!

  67. mandy says:

    I’m looking to find Blue Point Lager. Thanks. Would love to buy it locally in Raleigh, NC.

  68. John says:

    Mandy – I’ve not seen Blue Point or their Toasted Lager in North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean it’s not here. Try contacting Blue Point directly to see if they can let you know who might be distributing down here or online:

    Phone: 631-475-6944

    You can also get it online here:

  69. John says:

    Mark – haven’t found much in the way of getting Indio beer here in the States. This article says as much:

    You can try contacting them directly but they look to really only speak Spanish:

    Good luck!

  70. Ingrid Littlejohn says:

    i live in richmond va. i am looking to buy schaefer beer and private stock beer online,. where can i find it online to buy?

  71. John says:

    Ingrid – I couldn’t find either beer for sale online. But in Virginia you may be able to find Schaefer – get in touch with Blue Ridge Beverage Company’s Waynesboro, VA warehouse – 540-941-3730 (or visit their site at http://blueridgebeverage.com/). It’s listed as the Virginia distributor on Schaefer’s web site. You can also contact Schaefer directly for more info – 1-800-935-BEER or http://www.schaefer-beer.com/

    For Private Stock I’m not sure if it’s still produced. Can’t find it online at all. Supposedly Pabst was brewing it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on their site. I also read that MillerCoors was doing the brewing for it, but it’s not listed on their web site: http://www.millercoors.com/news/facts-and-resources/miller-coors-brands.aspx

  72. Pedro says:

    Anyone know a source of European 5L/4L Draughtkegs for the Beertender system? Besides Heineken and Newcastle…looking for Goesser, Zipfer, some of the other ones that are available in Europe…

  73. Shawn says:

    I can not find any place on line that sells Zonker Stout(Snake River Brewing).Can anyone help me?This is the best dark beer I have ever tasted.I received it in my beer of the month club and no one in New York carries it.

  74. John says:

    Shawn – I didn’t see any Zonker Stout available in any of the online stores, but you might be able to find a local distributor if you call Snake River Brewing directly – 307.739.BEER (2337)

  75. Jose Macias says:

    For the past week I have been calling different distributors trying to find Brahma beer. I first drank this beer at a Brazilian restuarant and really enjoyed it. I can’t believe it is so difficult to find such a great beer. I don’t mind ordering it online, but if I can find it locally I would prefer to put the money into the local economy.
    Jose M

  76. Mike Oechsner says:

    Where can I find Oechsner Beer (German)?

  77. shaun says:

    where can i buy 10% bear beer ? i tried it in malaysia nd loved it

  78. Whitney says:

    Hey I hope you can help!! Where can I find Old Style to be shipped?

  79. John says:

    Didn’t see any of the online shops with Oechsner Mike. You might try contacting the brewery – http://www.oechsner.de/kontakt.html – but it’s all in German.

  80. John says:

    Whitney. We’ve not found anywhere online yet, but see our answer number 47 above – that’s in response to someone else asking about Heileman’s Old Style and there’s some contact info. Good luck! If you find out anything please post a reply here as it’s requested often.

  81. John says:

    Shaun not sure which beer you’re talking about. There’s a Bear Beer in Denmark, but it’s under 5%. There’s lots of Bear Republic beer but that’s American. I did find another blog that mentions Bear Beer in Malaysia though – http://beerbeer.org/?p=3633 – you might contact them to see if they can help you out. Good luck!

  82. Jeremy says:

    I need to buy 90 shilling beer and I live in California. what can i do?

  83. John says:

    Jeremy – aside from driving to Colorado, I’d get in touch with Odell Brewing and see if they distribute anything close to you:

    Email: cheers@odellbrewing.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/OdellBrewing

    I didn’t see any online stores that had it, so that’s your best bet. Maybe they can give you a distributor name that can help you out.

  84. Jeremy says:

    I tried that. They only suggested trying to find a private party in Arizona (or any other state that is supplied with the beer) that would be willing to ship it to me in California. However, I don’t have friends or family in Arizona or any of the other states.

  85. John says:

    Jeremy – your next best bet may be some beer social sites like RateBeer, BeerAdvocate or the Aleuminati to get someone in Colorado or Arizona to do a beer exchange with. My man Eli is in Colorado and he may also be able to give you some suggestions – http://confessionsofabeerkgeek.blogspot.com/

  86. Judy says:

    My husband and I spent two weeks in Europe this past summer and one of the beers he absolutely adored was Innis and Gunn a scottish blend with vanilla stored in oak wood. Where in USA can I get some to surprise him for his birthday? Thanks for your help.

  87. John says:

    Judy – you’re in luck – there’s a few companies here in the US that will ship Innis and Gunn – Shopper’s Vineyard and Ancona’s Wines & Liquors are two of them. Here are the links directly to them:

    11 oz bottles:

    25 oz bottles:


  88. michael mongelluzzo says:

    hey guys
    i’m trying to find a place where i can buy on-linecalled ”ceres strong ale”its a beer from denmark. i’m in new york.
    thanx for your help.

  89. John says:

    Michael – in regards to Ceres Strong Ale I didn’t find anyone at Beer Advocate or Rate Beer who got it anywhere other than physically purchasing it in Italy or Denmark. Didn’t see any online retailers carrying it either. A few routes you could go to maybe find some more info:

    They have a Facebook page:

    And a Facebook group:

    Their brewer, Royal Unibrew, may be able to give you any more details on getting it in the US:

    Good luck!

  90. Claire says:

    Hey, I loved the websites you posted, they’re really great.

    I was wondering if you could help me with a project. I’m trying to put together my own beer basket of unique or really great beers as a birthday gift. Locally, around the world, and all different varieties/flavors. Personally, I don’t know anything about beer, so this causes a problem. I was going to just randomly pick a few from the websites that you listed, but I figured if you or anyone reading could give me a couple good recommendations then I wouldn’t have to go into this blindly. I’m only looking to buy them in individual bottles (not packs) but I’m ready to drop a large chunk of money for this present. Any recommendations you can give would really help me out.


  91. John says:

    Claire – I’ll be glad to help. I’ll email you personally and we can get started.

  92. Ryan says:


    I live in louisiana and was looking for a german beer called Maisel’s Weisse Original. Anyone know where i can find it??

  93. Noe says:

    Where can I find Brahma beer in California? Who might ship it to california?

    please email me at mr_n_hernandez@yahoo.com

  94. Jay Christensen says:

    Where can I buy Leinenkugel Creamy Dark Lager on-line??

  95. Jean-Marc Theriault says:

    I wonder if you guys could help me find a retailer who would ship to Canada. I can’t find any guinness stout and would be extremely relieved to able to order sme online.

  96. Tania says:

    I am looking to purchase Tuborg – both original and Tuborg Julebryg (Christmas beer) and have not had any luck. Any ideas?

  97. sue says:

    I’m looking to buy Schlafly Imperial Stout in Michigan. I only found a site that charges $29 for shipping. I drank my son’s and he is pissed. Can anyone repair our relationship????

  98. Sean says:

    I’m looking for an Australian Beer called Castlemaine XXXX Golden Lager. I’ve found it on an Aussie website but am not willing to pay what they want for shipping. I’m trying to find it in the US but have had no luck whatsoever. I love this beer and have been pining for it for years!! Please help!!! Thanks!!

  99. Nothing can be compared with http://www.BeerPlanet.eu or http://www.BEEReSHOP.com if you are after Belgian beers! Incredible site with plenty of info about Belgian beers. The best selection of Belgian beers, best prices, quick world wide delivery – tested :-)

  100. TJ Manion says:

    Hey what’s up? I live in Oklahoma. I’m actually tryin to get ahold of Sam Adams Utopias aswell as the beers in their barrel room collection. It’s like I can see them, but I’m not allowed to have them, or something.

  101. Mark says:

    Anyone know where I can get Alexander Keiths online?

  102. Melissa Malone says:

    I just returned from my honeymoon in Punta Cana, DR and they serve a beer called “The One”. Any chance I can get it shipped into the US?…or buy it on a website? I am having no such luck. Please let me know…it was very tasty.

  103. willie jones says:

    I live in Colorado. I’m looking for Port Royal.
    It’s a Hondurian beer from Honduras. thanks

  104. Lisa says:

    I live in Oklahoma and can’t find Reissdorf Kolsch. Any idea where I can purchase online?

  105. Sam says:

    I’ve been searching online everywhere and can’t find where I can buy BBK Pils ANYWHERE! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I’m in Chicago but it doesn’t have to be local; I’d be happy to buy it online. Thanks!

  106. Jeff says:

    Hey Guys, Love the blog and the links. Been a great help. I am looking for Pigs Eye Beer. I first had it at UGA in Athens, GA back in 1993. I have not seen it since. I heard they went out of business but someone had bought the rights. I was hoping to be able to get it again. Any ideas?

  107. Carol Pariseau says:

    Looking for Spit Beer. Can I buy it by the 12 pack anywhere on the east coast? Thanks

  108. Keith says:

    Could you please help me locate some Tuborg Julebryg? I live in Minnesota and would prefer not to have to go to Copenhagen to get it! Thanks.

  109. Whip says:

    Anyone know where I can find Shipyard IPA XXXX beer?

  110. Josh says:

    John, I’m looking for any help in being able to buy a Jordanian beer called petra here in the states. I know that I’m going to have to buy it online, but I’m having trouble finding a site that has it or will special order it for me. Any Ideas?

  111. John says:

    Carol – by “spit beer” I assume you mean Chicha – the Peruvian beer made from corn and saliva – that you likely saw featured on a recent episode of Brew Masters. As far as I know you can’t buy Chicha bottled – you need to either get it down in Peru or time it when Dogfish Head is serving it up fresh in their brewpub. To my knowledge they didn’t bottle any of it, it went straight to their brewpub to be consumed on tap.

  112. Billie says:

    I’m looking to buy Maui Brewing Company beer online…anyone know where I can find it?

  113. John says:

    Billie – http://www.bevmo.com can ship Maui beers to you – check out their site.

  114. John says:

    TJ – you’re wanting some choice stuff there. I’ve seen all of these on eBay, but you know how that goes – if you’re willing to risk it just make sure you find a reputable seller. Haven’t seen any other online retailer who does it. If you really want it that might be your best bet.

    For the Utopia, you can visit the Sam Adams web site and if you throw in a zip code it will help you locate it:


    I couldn’t find any near me or any zip code I entered though. You may also hit up Sam Adams on their Facebook page. Remember, since Utopias are so high in ABV, many states can’t legally sell them since a lot of states have restrictions on the max ABV for beer (for example I can’t get Dogfish Head 120 Minute in NC since it’s above the cutoff point is 15% ABV and the 120 Minute is 18%).

    Good luck!

  115. John says:

    Mark – for the Alexander Keiths I didn’t have any luck finding where to get it online. It seems to be, on my initial searching, available only in Canada. The brewery is run by Labatt (which is owned by AB InBev), which you’d think means it would be available in many places, but they might make it regional only on purpose. The best shot I found at finding one was through BC Liquor Stores, which will tell you which stores in Canada has it:


    Good luck Mark.

  116. John says:

    Melissa – no luck finding The One beer online from the Dominican Republic. The only beat I found at all on it was the beer’s web site:


    But it seems to have some impossible navigation to figure out.

    This one might have to be reserved for future vacations and second honeymoons.

  117. John says:

    Whip – BevMo generally carries the Shipyard XXX IPA beer – it’s temporarily out of stock online today, but you can probably check back or call them:


    Just search for “shipyard” on their site.

  118. John says:

    Keith – I didn’t have any luck finding Tuborg Julebryg online. And everyone I found that drank it was over in Denmark, etc.

    They do have a Facebook group where someone might be able to do a beer exchange with you though – worth a try:


    Good luck!

  119. Matt says:

    I live in Kansas City MO and want to buy beer from the Kona Brewing Co out of Hawaii. I have been to Hawaii several times and love the beer but it isn’t sold anywhere near me. Anybody know where to buy it online? BevMo won’t ship to Missouri

  120. Noe says:

    Where can I find the Brazilian beer “Brahma” ? Does it still exist in the U.S. ? Can I get it shipped to the U.S. ? Who do I contact? Brahma is the best beer ever!

  121. Deb says:

    I’m trying to find Samuel Adams Infinium online to ship to Tennessee.

  122. John says:

    Willie – for the Port Royal Pilsner beer check out Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars out of New Jersey. It’s on their web site here:


    Their site says its for in-store pickup only but you may be able to call them to see what they can do – their phone number is 1-866-454-7688.

    Good luck!

  123. John says:

    Lisa – you can get your Reissdorf Kolsch online at Gary’s Wine (they are out of New Jersey):



  124. John says:

    Sam – if you’re looking for BBK Pils in Chicago just head over to Quenchers Saloon on 2401 N Western Ave. Their phone is 773-276-9730. Their web site shows that they’ve got it on tap:



  125. Sam says:

    Thanks John. I should’ve clarified; I know several (not too many) places that has it on tap, but I’m looking for where I could purchase for at home as opposed to at a restaurant/bar.

  126. John says:

    Jeff – can’t find much on Pig’s Eye Beer, at least in the way of availability online. I did find their web site though – they’re out of Minnesota. The contact page is here where you can email the guys directly or call them:


    They may be able to help you locate it in your state. Looks to be mostly midwest and west coast now.

    Good luck!

  127. John says:

    Josh – sorry man – no luck on finding the Petra Beer anywhere online. The only beat I found on it was a Facebook Group page where you might be able to find some other lovers of the beer and do an exchange:


    Good luck!

  128. John says:

    Matt – for Kona beer try Hi-Time Wine Cellars:


    Search for Kona on their site and you’ll find a few brews. They show a map indicating they can ship across the US. Haven’t used personally so proceed with caution and maybe call them first – 1-800-331-3005.

    Wade’s Wines (http://www.wadeswines.com/) also looks like they can ship it to you.

    Good luck!

  129. John says:

    Noe – for the Brahma Brazilian beer they seem to distribute to New York, though I can’t find any online retailers that sell it.

    Check out this page to see the places in New York that carry it:


  130. John says:

    Deb – you can preorder the Sam Adams/Weihenstephaner Infinium collaboration online from my pals at Brewforia:


    Enjoy and remember to tell them The BeerFathers sent you! ;-)

  131. John says:

    Sam – everything I see on BBK Pils in the US is keg only. You may be able to reverse engineer from some of the places in Chicago that have it on tap though. Ask the bartender/owner if you can get the name of the distributor and then contact them for availability of bottles/cans. They may be in a better position to at least let you know if they’re available. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they were strictly kegs that they exported to the US.

  132. Rae says:

    I recently came back from Copenhagen and loved their christmas beer! I’ve tried looking for Tuborg Julebryg but no luck. Anyone have any ideas where I can order and have shipped to Washington, DC?

  133. Mike says:

    Anyone looking at Canadian beer should drop me a line (go to my website and use the contact us form to get us started). If I can send you some I will.

    I am looking for a German beer that I can’t get locally in Alberta, Canda. Parkbrau, or what it is called now, Park (you can get Pils, Perminator, Export and I think another 1 or 2). If anyone has any ideas I’ll be grateful.

  134. John says:

    Mike – Beer Planet had a few of the Park beers on it:

    Park Bruin:

    Park Blond:

    And if you search for “Park” on the Belgian Shop you can find a few there as well – not sure if those are the same ones you’re looking for:


  135. John says:

    Rae – see answer #119 above – no luck finding Tuborg Julebryg online (though http://www.beerstore.com.au/ has regular Tuborg) but there is a Facebook page linked where you might be able to do a beer exchange with someone.

  136. Mike says:

    John – thank you so much but those Park beers are Belgian and I am looking for the German. Man you had me excited there!

    I don’t know if it helps but the beer used to be called Parkbrau and the website is here http://www.parkbrauerei.de

  137. John says:

    Mike – sorry about the Park beer mix-up. I found very little in the way of the German Park in my second search today. All the reviews on RateBeer and Beer Advocate say they drank it in Germany. I did get a beat on a site that touts “Mail Order Sources of German Beer” but it looks like it’s at least 4 years old:


    Scouring through many of the links on that site didn’t show any Park beers. The best site on there with the most beers had lots of other good ones, but not Park (Beers of Europe):


    Sounds like on your next trip to the Pfalz region of Germany you need to get an “inside guy” who can hook you up!

  138. Michelle says:

    I am trying to find Shock top in Puerto Rico or a site online to buy it that ships to puerto Rico as well as Bud Light Lime. I’ve tried everywhere but nobody seems to be able to hip to Puerto Rico.

  139. John says:

    Michelle – I haven’t seen any of the sites that ship to Puerto Rico. Must be something going on there. Might be best to get a friend in the states to ship it to you, as those beers (Bud Light Lime and Shock Top) are pretty much available everywhere.

  140. Barbara says:

    Hi all,
    Anyone know where I can get Amstel Beer (NOT LIGHT)? i can’t seem to find it anywhere! Thx!

  141. John says:

    Barbara – for Amstel Beer (not Amstel Light), check out this link:


  142. Brett says:

    Hi, looking for Leon cerveza negra. Mexican beer brewed by the modelo group found primarily in the yucatan in mexico. I’m located in central fl, was wanting to know if anyone knew somewhere (website,store) that imported or sold this brand. thanks

  143. John says:

    Brett – in regards to Cerveza Leon Negra I couldn’t find any site that ships it online. I did find this write up though from earlier this year about Leon beer (original thread is here: http://www.playa.info/playa-del-carmen-forum/56382-leon-beer-us.html):

    “Grupo Modelo’s US importer is Barton Beers (Constellation Brands). They appear to only import five of Grupo Modelo’s beers (Corona Extra, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Pacifico and Negra Modelo), Leon is not included.”

  144. Jason says:

    I was wanting to know if anyone knew where I could get Superior beer out of Mexico?

  145. angie hopper says:

    i am looking to buy Old Style beer where do i buy it at locally? i live in florence alabama. please help!!!!!

  146. Dirk says:

    Trying to find Lvivske beer; one of Europe’s oldest. Enjoyed it in beautiful Lviv a few years ago. I thought I would find it in Chicago, but no luck so far.

  147. John says:

    Angie – for Old Style beer you should try getting in touch with the beer company (Old Style Beer) directly – oldstyle@oldstylebeer.com or 1-800-935-BEER and maybe they can hook you up or tell you who can hook you up. They’re also on Facebook if you want to talk to them that way:

    Good luck!

  148. John says:

    Dirk – I couldn’t find any place online to buy Lvivske beer. If anything turns up I’ll let you know.

  149. John says:

    Jason – for Superior beer from Mexico I didn’t have any luck locating an online retailer. Several comments on forums indicated they’d only seen it in Cozumel and Cancun, but others said they’d had it in various restaurants in the US. Sorry I couldn’t find anything more than that.

  150. yoni says:

    any canadian sites that will ship to the us need sleemans

  151. John says:

    Yoni – for Sleeman beer I didn’t find any sites selling it online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it in the States.

    Their web site has a “Where to Buy” page here:

    And it says for United States to contact them via email at customer.service@sleeman.ca

    You can also contact them on LinkedIn:

    or on Facebook:

    If all else fails call them at 1-800-BOTTLES. I’m sure one of those ways will prove useful to get your hands on some.

  152. Devin says:

    im looking to buy a Zima beer, but im pretty sure they took it off of the American market. Still know anywhere I can get some? Also looking for Carib Shandy beer to buy online.

  153. John says:

    Devin – thankfully they stopped making Zima in the US on October 20, 2008, when MillerCoors announced it was discontinuing it. It’s currently only in Japan.

    For the Carib Shandy I’ve not found any onlline retailers that carry it, but on the Carib web site there’s a finder that shows Carib beer in the US:


    Don’t use the map though, use the listing to the left of the map to find a city/state in the US. It will only show you distributors, but you can call them to see where they distribute it.

    Good luck!

  154. Mickey says:

    If you like Pacific Northwest Breweries out of Oregon and Washington such as Rouge, Deschutes, Full Sail, and more. Check out this sire to order some great PNW craft beers.

    Check out Liquid Gratitude:

    They also delivery to any State in the U.S.

  155. Chloe says:

    My boyfriend came back from Denmark and can’t stop talking about Carlsberg Jacobsen. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere online, do you know if there is any way I can get it in the US?

  156. Erica says:

    I’m looking for the Schofferhofer Hefeweizen beer to be shipped to the US and can’t find it anywhere! any suggestions?

  157. Shannon says:

    Old Texas resident and the one bar that used to serve Lone Star here in DC, just stopped. Is there anywhere to buy Lone Star online??


  158. John says:

    Shannon – for Lone Star beer try Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars – here’s a direct link to the Lone Star page:


    Also – don’t miss our Lone Star review on this very site:

  159. John says:

    Erica – I’m not sure if it will work but it’s worth a shot to try The Beer Store Online out of Australia.

    They have both the Schofferhofer Hefeweizen:

    and the Schofferhofer Kristall:

    Their site policy says:
    “Although an order can’t be placed online for overseas deliveries, orders can be placed by fax, phone or email. For more information regarding your specific requirements, please use our contact form.”

    So here’s their contact info:
    Email: sales@beerstore.com.au
    Contact Form: http://www.beerstore.com.au/contact.asp

    Good luck!

  160. John says:

    Chloe – I found several of the Carlsberg beers online including the Elephant, Special Brew and Export, but can’t find Carlsberg Jacobsen anywhere online for purchase.

    There is a page for them on Facebook though, so you might be able to join up there and find someone who can get it to you in a beer exchange:

    Good luck.

  161. Clint says:


    I live in Australia and would like to get my hands on some of the sierra nevada 30th anniversary brews and dogfish head 120 min ipa etc…any tips on who ships internationally for such beers?

    Cheers, Clint.

  162. John says:

    Clint – for your DFH 120 and other strong beers like that your best bet is to find a friend who can get it and have them send it to you (that’s how I get it). You don’t find many, if any companies that ship it due to the ABV restrictions in place in so many states. They probably take a similar approach to international shipping. Another option would be eBay.

    For the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary beers eBay is also a good bet. You can also Google the exact beer names with the word “buy” in front of it and Google will show you some sites that can ship – not sure if they ship internationally though so you’ll have to look at the sites themselves.

    The full names of the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Series are:
    – Fritz and Ken’s Ale
    – Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Bock
    – Jack and Ken’s Ale
    – Our Brewers Reserve Oak Aged Ale

    So just Google something like “Buy Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Bock” and find the Google result that reads “Shopping results for Buy Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Bock” and explore those sites that have shopping cart options.

    Good luck!

  163. shannon says:

    Trying to find John Smith Ultra Smooth Beer for my husband as a 20th Anniversary present. I have bben looking Everywhere and I have not been able to find it. I live in the DC MD area. So even if I can find it in a pub that would be awesome..


  164. Brian J says:

    A couple of beer searches: I live in Calgary Alberta and love Sam Adams but can only get the original. Where can I find his other brews such as his spring, summer, and fall brews?

    Also we can get Coors light but not Coors Original. Where could I get that from? A lot of people I know would like to get it but Molson wont brew it up here. Any info would help.

    Thank you.

  165. Tammy says:

    I am trying to find Allagah Curieux which is aged in barrels to delvier to Florida as it isn;t sold here and not having luck finding online who will ship AND has the beer, any ideas?
    Biiny’s has it but won’t ship as FYI

  166. John says:

    Brian J – many of the sites linked in this post are going to have all the beers you’re looking for. What I’m not sure about is if they’ll ship to Canada. Just visit them and look for “Coors” and you’ll find links to Coors Original. Same for the Sam Adams beers. Those are of course seasonals so they won’t be available year round. You may still find some winter lagers around, but most are probably moving to the White Ale/Noble Pils. If you find it on their site just call them and talk to them about shipping. Good luck!

  167. John says:

    Shannon – I think you mean “John Smith’s Extra Smooth Beer” instead of “Ultra Smooth” – if so then the Beer Store in Australia has it on their site:

    Now you can’t order it online, but they say international orders can be placed by fax, phone or email. Contact them here:

    or email them at info@beerstore.com.au

    I’ve not personally used them before so I can’t vouch for the process. Good luck!

  168. John says:

    Tammy – for Allagash Curieux I’ve got a vendor for you to try:

    Wally’s Wine & Spirits:

    Good luck!

  169. caleb g says:

    Looking for sierra nevada beer in b.c. near vancouver.Im actually from chico where it is brewed please help. lol

  170. John says:

    Caleb – I wasn’t able to locate any Sierra Nevada brews up near the Vancouver area (or really any in Canada). Most of the sites won’t ship to Canada per US alcohol shipping regulations, so that won’t help. Sierra Nevada’s own site doesn’t let you “find it” anywhere outside of the US either. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Cheers!

  171. Porsche' says:

    Hello all.

    My fiancé is always talking about “beast ice” I think he is referring to milwakees best ice. Is this right? I’m trying to order him some of this “beast ice” as an anniversary present cause he can’t ever find it where we live. But I need to be looking for the right thing and I can’t find “beast ice” just best ice. Can y’all help? Is it really called best? And if so where can I order it online? Thanks in advance.

  172. John says:

    Porsche’ – you are correct – “Beast Ice” refers to Milwaukee’s Best Ice. To buy it online is almost criminal though – shipping charges may get pretty steep and wind up being several times the cost of the beer itself. If you must, I found it at Merwin Liquors for $4.99 for a 6 pack of 16 oz cans here:

    I really think you should be able to find it somewhere locally, but if all else fails try the above link. You may want to also send your fiance to this website so you can get him thinking about beers that rate higher than a 0/100 at RateBeer.com. We can help!

  173. Liz says:

    Im trying to buy Miller High Life Lite. I’ve contacted the distributor, and they dont sell it anywhere in WA state. Where can I order this online?

  174. Looking to order Old Style beer online and ship to Orlando, Florida ? Anyone ?

    Or buy in Orlando, Florida period.

    Old Style Stan

  175. John says:

    Liz – in regards to Miller High Life Lite – I’ll tell you the same thing I told another reader who was looking for a “low price” beer to buy online – it will be prohibitively expensive to do so. Shipping charges will be many times the price of the beer itself. A better route would be to contact Miller on their web form and see if there’s some place close, maybe slightly out of state, that has it:


    Aside from that, WalMart lists it on their site as in-stores only, so if you search around on there you might be able to find one somewhere in the region that has it:


    Good luck!

  176. John says:

    Old Style Stan – there’s a couple of ways to try to find Old Style Beer (I’ve not been able to find a seller online).

    First, you should try getting in touch with the beer company (Old Style Beer) directly – oldstyle@oldstylebeer.com or 1-800-935-BEER and maybe they can hook you up or tell you who can hook you up.

    They also have a Facebook page (though I don’t think it’s their official page):

    Good luck!

  177. Rick says:

    Any idea where I can buy or order Simpatico beer in or near Fresno, California???

  178. Kristen says:

    Hi John:
    I’m trying to find a place to buy Sweetwater 420 for my husband as a surprise for his birthday. We’re in south Florida, and they don’t seem to distribute south of the Orlando area. Do you know anywhere online (or via phone) that I can order it? Thanks so much.

  179. Brandon says:

    Are there beer sites that sell quality beer at super low prices (like various wine sites)?

  180. Michael says:

    Been looking for McEwans Scottish for a long time….but have not seen anyone carrying it. Did that get discontinued?

  181. Eric says:

    I am looking for a place to purchase Aktien Brauerei beer from Kaufbeuren Germany in the United States. Im located in Southern NH.

  182. Anthony P says:

    I live in Milwaukee and cannot find this beer

    I am looking for Birra Ichnusa, which is an outstanding pale lager and is highly appreciated in Italy ( Sardegna). Does anyone in the USA sell this beer ?

    Birra Ichnusa is now owned by Heineken but stays true to tradition. Ichnusa beer is a very interesting and tasteful beer.
    Alchohol: 4.70%
    Brewery: Heineken
    Origin: Italy
    Type: Lager – US

  183. Dennis says:

    Trying to find Diebels Alt. Back when they had a website in english they e mailed me a contact but I have since lost the info. I live in MN but travel a lot so retail or online, by the bottle, or by the keg!… It makes no difference.

  184. Ashley says:

    I live in South Carolina. Im looking for Lonestar Light beer from Texas… anyone know if i can order it or if its sold anywhere near me?

  185. Brad says:

    Looking for Brand Pils or Brand Up from the Netherlands.

  186. Pamela says:

    I am looking for Stroh’s beer. It is not sold in Texas and I am trying to find a website that has it and that will ship it to me. Can anyone help me please?

  187. John says:

    Rick – I’m not quite sure where to get it in Fresno. A few options though:

    Email them at info@simpaticobeer.com and see if they can help you locate a distributor.

    Direct message them on Twitter – http://twitter.com/simpaticobeer

    I found one post from someone online who said that Tesco sold it – I’m guessing they meant Tesco Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, which is in California. You can find one near you and visit to see if they do carry it: http://www.freshandeasy.com/WhereWeAre.aspx

    Good luck!

  188. John says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve been recovering from shoulder surgery and got behind in my replies for where to find beer. You could try getting in touch with some of the Florida distributors on this page:


    And seeing if they can take an order directly or give you the name of a shop that would be willing to take an order and ship it over to you. Outside of that I didn’t find any sites that sell it online. I know it’s just really in the last year started working its way out of Georgia, so as it gets more mainstream maybe some of the online sellers will pick it up.

    Good luck!


  189. John says:

    Brandon – quite simply, no, there aren’t any sites that sell quality beer at super low prices. Pretty much every site you find you’ll pay an average to premium price for the beer plus shipping.

  190. John says:

    Hi Michael – assume you’re referring to McEwans Scotch Ale (there’s a subtle difference between Scottish and Scotch Ales). But you’re right – it’s disappeared from the market. Check out our post for it here:


    Several readers have chimed in since we noted that Heineken acquired and delisted it that they’ve not found it either. We personally haven’t seen it in the US for years. A shame too, it was a solid Wee Heavy. There’s other good ones though, check out the Beer Advocate list here for your next Scotch Ale:



  191. John says:

    Hi Eric – for the Aktien Brauerei beer I found a few places online that seem to indicate they’ll ship, though I have no personal experience ordering from them.

    First try WineGlobe.com – I think you may have to call to order:

    Next look at Vendome Wine & Spirits (you’ll find a few of their beers on the main list here):

    Good luck Eric!

  192. John says:

    Anthony – in regards to finding Birra Ichnusa, I didn’t have any luck finding it through an online or other retailer in the US. The only beat I could find was a Facebook page:


    You might see if any of the fans on that page have had any luck getting it here in the states.

    Good luck!

  193. John says:

    Dennis – I had a hard time finding a lead for you for Diebels Alt, but I think I’ve got one.

    Check out Red House Beer & Wine Shoppe in Renton, WA. It’s listed on their site here:

    They don’t ship though, so you’d need to have a trip planned to the Pacific Northwest. You can also call them to make sure they have it at 425-226-2666.

    Good luck!

  194. John says:

    Ashley – for Lone Star Beer I checked their site here:

    And see that Savannah, GA and Fort Bragg, NC are the two closest spots listed on their map (not sure where you are in SC). It doesn’t let me narrow it down to Lone Star Light though so those might only have the regular Lone Star. To hone in on the Light version you might need to reach out to them directly. Here’s their Twitter account:

    And here’s their email address:

    Good luck!

  195. John says:

    Hi Brad – Brand Pilsener and Brand Up are both run by Brand Bierbrouwerij which is owned by Heineken now. I can’t find anywhere online that sells it and all the reviews I see from RateBeer and Beer Advocate are from people actually drinking it over in Europe. Sorry I couldn’t help you more!

  196. John says:

    Hi Pamela – for Stroh’s beer check out Warehouse Beer Wine & Liquors in Rhode Island:

    Good luck!

  197. Pamela says:

    THANK YOU JOHN!!!!! I hunted for hours the other night trying to find someone that sells it. All I’m waiting to do is hear back from the man to see how much shipping is going to be for them to ship it to me in Texas. Bless your heart and thank you so much for the help.

  198. Brandon says:

    I am in search of the “Ales of the Revolution” from Yards Brewing Company, particularly the George Washington Porter. I live in Kansas, and don’t get out to Philly too often. I’m having no luck finding anything online, or getting a response from Yards.

  199. John says:

    Hi Brandon – sorry to hear that getting in touch with Yards Brewing didn’t yield any hits for General Washington’s Tavern Porter. However, I did find two places for you to try online.

    First is Petrock’s Liquors (phone: 908-359-2333) in New Jersey:

    Second is Linwood Wine Company (phone: 201-944-5504), also in New Jersey:

    I can’t vouch for them as I’ve never placed an order with either, but they do show as having it.

    Good luck man!


  200. Brandon says:


    I had not run across either of those sites in my searches. I ordered from Petrock’s last night and got the shipment tracking number this morning. Thanks for the help.

  201. c mongeon says:

    Where can I find a good beer in a can?
    Nowhere in my town, so maybe online?
    something like Yuengling light
    not bud, coors…

  202. Josh says:

    Hey guys. I’m having a big problem finding a specific beer here in the USA. I’m looking for an Austrian beer called “Adambrau.” Anybody have any ideas?

  203. John says:

    C – you want good beer in a can? You’ve got tons of options. It’s literally never been a better time to find can beers as many craft beer companies are starting to go that way. Some of our favorites in cans:

    – Guinness
    – Young’s Double Chocolate
    – Boddington’s Pub Ale
    – Murphy’s Irish Stout

    For ones that are lighter like Yvenling try:

    – Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale
    – Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils
    – Maui Bikini Blonde Lager

    Those will all be “lighter” than a Guinness, more akin to the lagers/pilsners you mentioned. You should be able to find most of these at the various sites linked above or in some wine/beer stores near you (not sure where you are).

    Good luck!


  204. John says:

    Josh – we’re not having any luck finding any of the Adambrau beers to purchase online.

    We also checked the various reviews at RateBeer and BeerAdvocate as well and they’re all originated mostly in Europe – Germany, Italy, Crotia, etc. Not a single review from anyone in the United States, which says to us no one has been able to buy it state-side.

    They’re owned by Heineken, so they may not export to the United States at all as part of their brand strategy.

    Sorry we couldn’t find that one for you.

  205. In response to Brian J from Calgary, Alberta on February 14:

    Samuel Adams Octoberfest and Summer Ale are available in your hometown at Zyn Wine & Spirits located in Inglewood. You can also order them online and have them delivered: http://www.zyn.ca/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?name=adams

  206. cassie kirsch says:

    I am trying to find out where to get Port royal, its a honduran beer, any suggestions?

  207. John says:

    Hi Cassie – you’ve got a few options for getting Port Royal Export:

    Ramirez Liquor (Los Angeles, CA):

    Half Time (Poughkeepsie, NY):

    Both sites say they’ll ship, though Half Time currently shows an out of stock on the beer.

    Good luck!


  208. Shannon says:

    I had Kira at a bar in Philly and I’ve been looking for somewhere to buy it with no luck. I’ve found where it’s served in NY, but not where I can purchase it. It’s made by the Huyghe Brewery in Belgium which also makes Delirium Tremens. Help!


  209. John says:

    Shannon – for Kira beer, I assume you found this page on their site showing where it’s served in NY:

    In that same vain they have a distributors page on their site with two companies listed:

    Why not call the distributors and see if they distribute anywhere for consumer direct purchases or if they only staff restaurants and bars. My gut feeling is the only distribute kegs of it and you won’t be able to find bottles.

    That said, I did find a place in NJ, Peter’s Liquors, that will do a keg of it – you might call them at 732-246-1616 or visit them online:

    He may be able to at least get you a lead on some more info or at the very least hook you up with 165 twelve ounce servings of it.



  210. marius says:

    I am looking for a site where I can by Fohrenburger Beer (made in Bludenz, Austria)

  211. Mike says:

    I live in Wisconsin and can’t get Molson XXX. I guess it’s not sold in this state. Where can I buy it and get it shipped to me?

  212. Scott Burch says:

    Im trying to find case of Mcauslan oatmeal stout. Please help!!!

  213. Pat says:

    I am looking for a Swedish beer called Mariestad and cannot find it available for purchase anywhere online. Any suggestions?


  214. Laura Gowdy says:

    I am looking to be coors extra gold and i can not find it in stores or online anywhere! Went to West Virginia on a trip a few weeks and fell in love with it. If you could help me locate some you would seriously be my new hero :) thanks in advance for your time.


  215. Sunnster says:

    I was wondering if you know where I can get Fruli either in Hawaii or to ship to Hawaii?

  216. John says:

    Marius – we didn’t have any luck finding Fohrenburger anywhere online to buy. Our one lead turned up to be a “product not available” when we went there.


  217. John says:

    Mike – for Molson XXX we’re having a tough time finding anywhere that will ship it to Wisconsin. We found lots of other Molson beers on the sites above, just not the XXX.

    My best lead was this site:

    But they don’t ship to WIsconsin (they’re in Colorado).

    All in all it doesn’t look very available. I really wonder what the plan for it is when Molson Coors doesn’t even list it among the brands on their own web site:

    Sorry Mike.

  218. John says:

    Hi Scott – McAuslan Oatmeal Stout, though made by McAuslan Brewing, is now actually called “St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout.”

    You can get it a few places online:

    Half Time Beverage:


    If you Google the new name you should be able to find a few more places too.


  219. John says:

    Pat – for Mariestad beer we didn’t have any luck locating a place to purchase online. All the reviews on Beer Advocate indicated drinking it overseas, mostly in Switzerland and France.

    The only online listing I found was at Ikea, but it’s really only in the UK stores and for in-store pickup only:


    Sorry Pat.

  220. John says:

    Laura – For Coors Extra Gold you’ve got some options for online shipping:

    Planet of Wine:

    Berkley Wine Company:

    They *should* be able to ship to you.

    Liquor Mart also has it but I’m not sure where you are or if they’ll ship it to you:

    You may want to call any of the places above before ordering online. Like I’ve said in other posts, you might be paying many times more than the price of the beer for shipping, which may make it prohibitive to do.

    That will be up to you.



  221. John says:

    Sunnster – it looks like most of the Fruli beer I see stays in the UK – they have a pubs list on their web site:

    And I found a few online ordering places that only ship inside the UK.

    You should contact them and see how they might be able to help you out – fruli@frulibeer.com



  222. Cindy says:

    Does anyone know if you can ship beer to Cancun, Mexico?
    We go every year and my husband is not fond of the Mexican beers. He wants the good old fashioned micro brewed beers from the US. If we could ship Sam Adams to our condo this would be wonderful.

  223. John says:

    Hi Cindy – getting beer down to Cancun could be really difficult. Main problem is getting it through customs. They get pretty antsy about anything coming into their country and are likely to open and search all shipments. The alcohol would get confiscated and they may get a little testy with you. I’d say the risks outweigh the rewards.

    Best bet may be to look around for some beers down there you might like. There’s a lot more to drink down there than Corona and Tecate, though those are the most popular.

    Negra Modelo is a personal go-to when I have to choose a Mexican beer and I hear Bohemia is pretty good as well, though I’ve not tried it (it’s supposed to have some hops to it like a Sam Adams).

    Scott, our pal at the BrewClub, had an interesting post on this with lots of comments. Read through to see if there may be some good choices there:


    You might cross reference some of the beers noted above at RateBeer and BeerAdvocate to see if there are some that sound like what you’d be interested in. That will be better than risking a shipment.



  224. Paul says:

    i’m trying to find out how to get some Dortmunder Actien Brauerei (DAB) …live just south of Kansas City Kansas…where can I order this online or is there a store in that area I havn’t checked yet that has this beer? thank you

  225. Mike S. says:

    Looking for some help:

    I’ve been trying to track down a way to get Highlander Whisky Malt (by Henninger Brau, Frankfurt, Germany) in the states, and keep hitting dead ends.

    If anyone can help, I’d be greatly appreciative.



  226. John says:

    Mike – we didn’t have any luck either following our leads any where to purchase Henninger Highlander beer. We found a place in Minnesota that has Henninger Premium, but that’s it (and they won’t ship out of Minnesota).

    It’s Merwin Liquors – http://www.shopmerwins.com/042572054067.html – at best you could call them and see if they can get any other Henninger beers.

    Checked eBay too, and there were some Henninger beers, but not the Highlander. That’s always a place to check, but I’d be skeptical about buying beer from a non-retail stranger via the internet, for health reasons and whatnot.

    Wish we could have been more help.



  227. John says:

    Paul – 3 of the links above have DAB beer – not sure which one you’re looking for exactly though – most places just have the Original Dortmunder:

    Binny’s Beverage Depot:

    John’s Grocery:

    Archer Liquors:

    You might call each of them to see what you can do to get it shipped.

    Not sure what you’ve tried in Kansas City, but I didn’t find anything local there, exactly, that listed DAB. Not all places have their inventory though online. I’d be surprised if Gomer’s didn’t have it or couldn’t get it:

    Also try Lukas Liquor:

    And Royal:

    Those are all in Missouri, but that’s only a few minutes from Kansas, as you know. If you’ve already tried all three then online ordering might be your route.



    P.S. They don’t have DAB, but the best place to get a burger and bottle of beer is Blanc Burgers + Bottles on the Plaza – http://www.blancburgers.com/plaza.html – I’m sure you already know that though!

  228. Trond says:

    Does any know online shop that would ship Gorge Best Bitter
    from Cheddar outside UK ?

  229. John says:

    Trond – For Cheddar Ales Gorge Best Bitter the only place I found online to buy that could possibly ship to the U.S. was their own web site. Not sure if they’ll ship to the US, but all the other sites explicitly said they won’t ship to North America. Check it out:


    You can also reach out to them on Facebook:

    Or just drop them an email:

    I’m sure they’ll let you know what they can do.



  230. Ali says:

    I used to live overseas and drank the Australian beer XXXX all the time – which I haven’t been able to find in the US – any ideas?

  231. John says:

    HI Ali – For XXXX beer from Australia you have a few options. First is to hit up the company and ask them:





    Then there’s a few online places, though I’m not sure if they ship to the US:

    The Beer Store:

    Web Cellars:

    None of my US online resellers had it that I found. Good luck – I hope one of the above pans out.


  232. ROBERT HOJNACKI says:

    trying to purchase SAN MIGUEL LAGER BEER
    on line- or find someone local that might have it .
    I am located in Guilford Ct ( New Haven ) area

  233. John says:

    Hi Robert – for San Miguel Lager you’ve got a few online options that ship:

    Wine King:

    Hi-Time Wine Cellars:

    Shopper’s Vineyard only has the dark and light beers, if you want those:

    Not sure if there’s any more local options, but those should definitely do online delivery for you.



  234. eric says:

    I am looking for some 2010 GI bourbon county stout. Usually it last longer into the year in stores, but I can’t find any. Any help?


  235. John says:

    Eric – for the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout I haven’t found any online places that ship. Binny’s Beverage Depot has it on their site but they list it as in store pick-up only:


    Not sure if you’re in Chicago or not, but one of the Binny’s stores might be your best bet. I’ve never seen it get much past Illinois and surrounding states in terms of being on store shelves, which might be helped by Anheuser-Busch InBev purchasing them earlier this year. I’d guess we’ll start to see some serious distribution to a lot more of the country, at least the top 30 cities or so.

  236. Eric says:

    I appreciate your thoughts. I am in the chicago area, and have called all the Binny’s here. It is gone. Last year I bought 2009 right up until the 2010 release in November. I still have a case, but wanted a rotating case of about 2-3 years old.
    When I tried to place an online order, they said it won’t be in until November. So they are just talking about the 2011 on their site now.


  237. karen says:

    My boyfriend is from England and used to drink Caffreys and John Smiths all the time, was hoping to find a place that might ship them to the USA in Ohio, any help would be great.

  238. Bryan says:

    Trying to purchase/find Brakspear Bitter or any of the beers from the Brakspear family of beers online – or find someone local that might have it .

    I’m located in Dallas, Texas area.

  239. Rick says:

    Another good source for craft beers in http://www.BeerOnTheWall.com.

  240. Courtney Ellis says:

    Looking to order the Turkish beer “Mariachi” (Lemon + Agave flavor, not the Black.) Brewed by Efes in Istanbul. Had it while in Turkey last month, and loved it. Didnt know it would be so hard to get a hold of! It says they export to the US but I have searched everywhere and can’t find it. Any ideas?

  241. John says:

    Courtney – for Mariachi beer there is a Facebook group where you can ask:

    My other searching leads me to very cluttered results as there is another beer with the same name from Guatemala, it seems.

    Half-Time Beverage has it:

    But I really don’t know if that’s the one you’re looking for.

    Shop Rite in New Jersey lists it on their site, but they don’t ship and again I don’t know which one it is:

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  242. John says:

    Bryan – I can’t seem to find any Brakspear beer for sale here in the US online.

    Google the phrase “buy brakspear beer online” and you’ll see lots of results – but they’re all shops in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. One store claims to be able to ship internationally – The Australian Beer Store. You have to place the order by fax, phone or email though:


    You can contact them here:

    There is also a Facebook group – you might be able to ask there if it’s making it anywhere here in the US:


    Good luck!


  243. John says:

    Karen –

    For Caffrey’s and John Smith’s beer the only places I could find online were shops in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

    One shop, The Australian Beer Store, says they can ship internationally, but you have to place the order by fax, phone or email. Here are the beers:

    Caffrey’s Irish Ale:

    John Smith’s ESB:

    You can contact them here:



  244. scott says:

    I’m looking for Brasserie Fantome for purchase on line. Any idea where I can find it.

    Thanks Scott

  245. Robert says:

    Does anyone know where I can get Carib beer in Southern California?

  246. Jml says:

    Looking for Yards revolutionary beers in Tampa FL. Would love mIxed case!

  247. John says:

    Scott – you have a few options for your various Brasserie Fantome beers online:

    West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago:

    K&L Wines in California (search for “Fantome” in the search box to see what they have):

    You don’t say where you’re at – K&L Wines can only ship to certain states:

    Hopefully one of those has the exact Fantome you’re looking for. I’ve not personally ordered from either so I can’t vouch for them. Good luck!


  248. John says:

    Robert – I didn’t find any specific SoCal places to buy Carib Lager, but I know where you can order some online and have it shipped to California – Shopper’s Vineyard out of New Jersey:

    Also – I don’t know if you have BevMo in your area, but you could always ask them to see if they could get some in as well:

    Good luck and cheers!


  249. John says:

    Jmi – The Yards Brewing Ales of the Revolution are tough to find. I didn’t find any specific stores down in Tampa, but I do know of an online place that will ship. Haven’t found a mixed case though.

    Try Linwood Wine & Liquor out of Fort Lee, NJ – they show all 3 of the Ales of the Revolution on their site and indicate they can ship to Florida. Their phone is (201) 944-5504 and the links to each beer is below:

    Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale:

    General Washington’s Tavern Porter:

    Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale:



  250. Rory says:

    I fell in love with Calgary Amber Lager when it was test marketed in Texas in the mid 1990’s. Apparently, I was one of the few to buy as it was pulled from stores down here. I have had zero luck with any distributors while working in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas. Any help would be appreciated.

  251. John says:

    Rory – I’m sorry to report that I can’t find any evidence that the Calgary Amber Lager made it out of the 90’s. It looks like it peaked around the 1988 Calgary Olympics and made it into the 1990’s for a spell, but I can’t find any evidence of the beer existing in the present day. I did find a vintage ad poster you could get though:

  252. chad says:

    where can i buy molson triple x. close to indiana

  253. James says:

    Couldn’t find anywhere to buy any type of Leinenkugel that ships to Washington. Any help would be appreciated.

  254. Luke says:

    I live in Minnesota and would like to get some Yukon Gold and Yukon Red Beer, but the nearest place to buy it in store is Alberta.

  255. Vincent Sciancalepore says:

    I live in New Jersey, where can I order Alaska amber beer ?

    Thank you
    Vincent Sciancalepore

  256. John says:

    Where can you buy PBR light in the Greenville, SC area? or online?

  257. juan paulino says:

    looking to buy brahama and presidente beer in houston texas. we have a large dominican comunity and all love beer. we cant find these brands anywhere in Texas. can you help??

  258. Kate says:

    I am trying to find a way to purchase Piton beer from St. Lucia. It doesn’t seem like it’s available anywhere in the US and I can’t find a website that sells it. Thanks for any help.

  259. William says:

    I’m looking for a beer called McEwan’s Scotch Ale that has stopped being imported to the US as of 06 I believe. It tops any other beer I’ve ever had, including other brands of Scotch Ales. I’ve tried contacting them on their official website, but unfortunately I never got a reply back. I believe in Scotland it’s sold under the name McEwan’s Champion Ale. Oh, and McEwan’s also has a facebook page, but it doesn’t seem to be active. Any help would be appreciated.

  260. Denise says:

    I live in Florida but I’m looking to buy a 6 pack or case of Guinness Extra Stout to ship to Puerto Rico. Anyone know of a website where I can order this to have it shipped there? I haven’t had any luck.

  261. George kalogiros says:

    Looking for a beer thats made in greece called FIX HELLAS beer est. 1864 nice tasting beer cant find it anyware in canada. I currently live in toronto ontario. Good luck finding it, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers

  262. Jlhood1222 says:

    Where in the United States can I buy Estonian Beer? I would order it if I needed too.

  263. Neil says:

    Looking to surprise some friends by purchasing some Great Lakes Brewery beer (from Cleveland) out in California. I see on their website that they do not distribute farther west than Iowa – any ideas of places that would ship? I found a few places that have Great Lakes but none that will ship.


  264. Brian Costello says:

    Im looking for founders CBS Imperial Stout, and founders KBS (kentucky breakfast stout). Seems impossible to find anywhere online, and there not in Texas, or Oregon.

  265. Gary says:

    I am looking very hard to buy “desperado” beer where they will ship to the USA….or anyone that can get their hands on some and ship it to me in the States. I will pay for your troubles. I was in Afghanistan and fell in love with this beer.
    Thank You.

  266. Rusty says:

    I am looking for Bavaria Dark beer. It is a Costa Rican beer. Does anyone know of an online store that would carry it?


  267. tom says:

    I live in RI/MA

    Where can I find O’Keefe or Old Vienna?

  268. John says:

    Chad – for Molson XXX we haven’t had much luck finding anything online.

    See comment #218 above for more info.

  269. John says:

    James – for your Leinenkugel beer needs check out Shopper’s Vineyard:


    They can ship to Washington.



  270. John says:

    Luke – for Yukon Gold and Yukon Red beer, I haven’t found any online venues that ship.

    Their site doesn’t indicate much coverage outside of Yukon, Alberta and British Columbia:


  271. John says:

    Vincent – the best place to get Alaska Amber beer online is from our friends at Brewforia:




  272. Kim says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy online the beer Desperado in the US or Southern CA preferably? Thank you for your help!

  273. Saff says:

    I’m looking to buy beer and have it shipped to either TX or AL. I am particularly looking to get the Coffee Porter, Lemon Tea Beer, or Organic Lager from Mill St. Brewery in Toronto, Ontario Canada. If I can’t score any of those three, then I am willing to settle for anything Mill St. produces if I can get it shipped to me. If there is some place in Houston, TX that carries it, I’d be willing to go pick it up in store as well.

  274. stan scheinman says:

    how can i buy Brahma (Brazil) in Ct or ship to me?

  275. Arild Halmø says:

    I’m looking to buy Rouge Double Chocolate Stout. I’m located in Norway. Can you help me?

  276. Cindy says:

    Is it possible to buy Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale online? Will or can local beer/wine stores order for you? Thanks!

  277. Silvana says:

    A good friend is looking for Tuborg beer from Denmark. I have found it only on 1 site but they’re out of stock. Please help me locate it and shipping would be to NJ. It’s a spcl surprise for his b’day. Thank you for any help

  278. Sabrina says:

    I’m looking to order Saranac beer to be delivered to my house in California since it is not sold in this state. =[ No luck so far. Any suggestions??

  279. Stephen Ratka says:

    Looking to find someone who is selling Parkbrau Beer. I was station in Zweibrucken Germany in 1967/68

  280. Irena says:

    Hi! I’m trying to find a way to buy Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale and/or any Yazoo beers online for a friend in Memphis, TN. I’m in Europe. Plan B is a gift certificate for a store or a pub. Any ideas? Thank you!

  281. Heather says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Ueli beer in the US? I had some on a recent trip to Switzerland and have been looking for it here ever since.

  282. Rachael Wells says:

    I am looking for Panama beer, do you know if it’s possible to have it shipped anywhere in the states? Or if someone here carries it?

  283. Nicole says:

    Where can I buy Saris beer? (Slovak)

  284. John says:

    Juan – For Presidente beer I’ve got a few online places you can get it, none that I found in Houston though for your to get it local.

    Check out these two sites:


    For Brahma beer I don’t find any online locations or any retail locations in Texas. It seems to only distribute to New York. My only beat was this page, which shows the places in New York that has it:

    Their web site indicates the same, that New York is the only US city with it:

    It’s a shame because we get a lot of questions about Brahma.



  285. John says:

    Stan – The only places I’ve found Brahma beer is in New York. You can see the locations here:

    Sorry man.

  286. John says:

    Irena – For Rogue Dead Guy you can hit pretty much any online distributor:



    For the Yazoo beers I haven’t found any online resllers that can ship directly. I did find a store in Nashville that has it though – Frugal Macdoogal:

    You might call them and see if they can help you out. They should have the Rogue Dead Guy Ale as well. We have one here in the Carolinas as well and it’s a great store.

    If all else fails reach out to them on Twitter:

    Good luck!


  287. John says:

    HI Rachael – no luck on finding Panama beer anywhere. No one carries it online that I’ve found.

    I found several other people who were searching and none of them had any leads either.



  288. John says:

    Heather – I didn’t have any luck on finding Ueli beer. It seems they don’t venture much out of their region over there.

    You may try hitting them up on Facebook and seeing if they can help you out one-on-one:

  289. John says:

    Nicole – we couldn’t find any leads on Saris beer. It’s brewed by SABMiller, and they very tightly control their distribution channels, meaning if they don’t want it to leave Slovakia it won’t.

    Didn’t find a single online vendor that had it.



  290. John says:

    Hi Stephen –

    My searches for Parkbrau didn’t turn up any sellers. I found a thread on RealBeer.com about it, but it doesn’t have any real leads (and these posts are 5+ years old):

    I did find they have a Facebook page though where you can try reach out to them and see if they can help you out:

    Good luck Stephen!


  291. John says:

    Sabrina – if you want to pick up some Sarnac I found this site that will ship to California:


  292. John says:

    Silvana – for your Tuborg beer I found the same out of stock link as you:

    We’ve had questions on Tuborg before and we haven’t been able to turn up any real leads.

    They link to a Facebook page on their web site:

    That may be able to get you a new beat on getting some.

    Good luck,


  293. John says:

    Hi Cindy – I haven’t found any of the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale online. I did find a place in Kentucky that had a growler, but they won’t ship.

    You may hit up the company on Facebook or Twitter and see if they can help you out:


    Their web site says their products are available in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. You might call them to ask if they know of any online retailers who could ship: 859-255-2337,

    Good luck!


  294. John says:

    Hi Arild – I found plenty of places to buy Rogue Chocolate Stout and others online in the United States, but can’t find any specifically that will ship to Norway.

    Your best bet may be to hook up with a friend in the states and have them ship it to you. The Rogue beers are readily available in a lot of regular retail outlets in the US.


  295. John says:

    Saff –

    I’m not having any luck finding the Mill St. Brewery beers online. I found nothing to indicate they do anything outside of Ontario, Canada. The Beer Store in Ontario has it, but they don’t ship:

    You may try to connect with them on Twitter or Facebook to see if they can share some distribution channels with you that you could source:



    Hope something turns up where you can get them – they look like some good beers.


  296. John says:

    Kim – we didn’t have any luck finding Desperados beer anywhere for sale online outside of the UK (they won’t ship to the US).

    As a final try you might email them – enquiries@desperadosbeer.co.uk – to see if they can help you find a US Distributor.


  297. John says:

    Kate – no luck on our end finding Piton beer for you. Their web site clearly says it’s not distributed to the US or UK.

    However I did find a Facebook page for Piton Beer USA. Maybe you can find some lead there:

    Good luck!


  298. John says:

    Hi William – we’re big fans of McEwan’s Scotch Ale as well. Unfortunately since they were acquired by Heineken it got delisted in the US. We reviewed it and wrote about it here:

    Check out the comments on that post though – there’s a link to an online petition to get it back here in the US.


  299. John says:

    Denise – though the Guinness Extra Stout is available pretty much everywhere, no US online retailer I found will ship to Puerto Rico. Your best bet would be to buy the beer yourself and ship it yourself. I’m sure you can find it there in Florida at the store. If not here’s several online places you can order for delivery to Florida:





  300. John says:

    George – I didn’t find any online retailers that have Fix Hellas unfortunately. Also checked around the Ontario retailers with no luck.

    They have a Twitter account where you can connect with them and it looks active, but all the posts seem to be in Greek:

    Good luck!


  301. John says:

    HI Jlhood1222 – we didn’t have any luck finding anyplace online you can buy Estonian beer in the US. A few in the UK, but they don’t ship to the States. Viru seems to be the most prevalent beer listed, but again all the sites were in Europe.



  302. John says:

    Neil – For your Great Lakes Beers I’m sure the place you were referring to that won’t ship is Binny’s Beverage Depot? Their search below shows everything marked as in-store only:

    However, I did find several other places that look like they do ship.

    First, check out Half Time Beverage – they have a good list of Great Lakes brews:

    Also Check out France 44 (there’s no Great Lakes page so here’s a list to the individual Great Lakes beers):

    Hope this works out.



  303. John says:

    Hi Brian – I appreciate your taste in beer – Founders KBS and CBS are two of the very best. Lots of places, as I’m sure you’ve found, have Founders beers online, but these two limited release beers don’t ever seem to make the cut.

    I’ve only ever had luck finding these in local stores during their release window and then I’ve usually gotten in good with the owners to time it because they sell out fast. If any local places carry ANY Founders beers for you I’d talk to them about trying to score these and getting wait listed for when they are released. Check back weekly, buy other beers from them and show them how serious you are so they’ll remember you when they come in.

    If there are no places that have any Founders beers at all your best bet would be to get some on eBay. Having done the Kentucky Breakfast Stout I can tell you it’s worth just about whatever price you have to pay.



  304. John says:

    Gary – we didn’t have any luck finding Desperados beer anywhere for sale online outside of the UK (they won’t ship to the US). You could try to email them – enquiries@desperadosbeer.co.uk – to see if they can help you find a US Distributor.


  305. John says:

    Rusty – I’ve had no luck finding your Bavaria Dark beer. Can’t find a single online store that stocks it.

    Sorry man,


  306. John says:

    Tom – For Old Vienna I found that Wegmans in Northborough, MA looks like it carries it:

    Outside of that all I could find was on their Wikipedia page stating it’s available in select border states in the US:

    No luck on finding O’Keefe, even though it also comes out of Molson up in Canada.



  307. Doug says:

    Last Christmas my son-in-law and I enjoyed many bottles of Noche Buena brewed by Cerveceria during our trip to Mexico City. I understand that Heinenken USA has made that beer available in Texas & Chicago only. How can I obtain some to celebrate our Christmas at home this year. Any business who will ship to Washington State?

  308. John says:

    Doug – my best beat on getting some Noche Buena beer are several comments on other sites I found stating that Costco gets it as part of a variety pack that’s 1/3 each of Dos Equis dark, Dos Equis light, and Noche Buena. I found a post from someone who got one as recently as last year. Not sure if it’s out this year as well (don’t have a Costco membership).

    I did find the same article as you stating it was coming to Texas and Chicago (http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110825005843/en/Heineken-USA-Launches-Noche-Buena-Winter-Seasonal) and on a lark checked out the online retailer I know in the Chicago area – Binny’s Beverage Depot. They have it, but it’s marked as “in-store only” on their web site:

    You might try calling Binny’s to see if they can work with you on that – 1-888-942-9463 is their number. Not sure why but it seems like every beer in their online store is now marked as in-store only. Could be they’re moving away from shipping. I’ve emailed them myself to ask what’s up. Might need to take them off the list above if they’re not shipping anymore.

  309. Ross says:

    We are looking for a good quality premium lager beer in cans for the Angolan market….2 million litres in 340 ml cans over a period of 3 months.
    CIF prices full containers either to Luande Angola or Walvis Bay Namibia.
    PS.!!!! FAXE beer from Denmark looks suitable ???

  310. John says:

    Ross – I don’t think we can help you on getting beer to Angola in Africa. This post refers only to buying individual beers online for personal consumption.

  311. Mike says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can purchase Old Style Pilsner? It’s brewed in Lethbridge, Alberta.

  312. John says:

    Mike – for Old Style Pilsner from Alberta I haven’t found an online distributor that can ship out of Canada. Best bet is to contact them and see if they can give you any leads. Their email: thebunny@oldstylepilsner.com



  313. Isabelle says:

    Hi I am looking for Buckler non alcoholic beer shipping to canada (montreal)

  314. Marty Cosgriff says:

    Anyone know where I can buy Rainier Beer in Michigan?

  315. Craig says:

    Can anyone tell me where to order Krombacher from. I live in Texas and can only find it in the Chicago area but they do not ship.

  316. John says:

    Craig – unfortunately I can’t find a domestic online source for you to get Krombacher. There seems to be plenty of online stores overseas, but nothing here to help you out. Sorry man.


  317. John says:

    Marty – it doesn’t look like Rainier beer makes it to Michigan in terms of in-store distribution, at least based on their distributor locator:


    I don’t find any online distributors that are pushing it either. I’d scroll through the locator linked above and see if you can find one relatively “close.”


  318. John says:

    Isabelle – I don’t find any local stores listed online with Buckler in Montreal. However, I do see that Amazon has it and can ship it I’m assuming since it’s non-alcoholic:


    Give that a try and see how it goes.



  319. matt says:

    looking for a beer called dinkel aker (sp?) that i had at a beerfest in germany. any ideas where i can buy online?

  320. John says:

    Matt – it’s Dinkel Acker (sometimes written Dinkelacker) you’re looking for. They’ve pretty much stopped distributing in the US (see entire threads here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/668083 and here: http://jimbovard.com/blog/2009/12/16/dinkel-acker-abandons-american-beer-drinkers/) unfortunately and I don’t find any places to order it online.

    I don’t know where you’re located, but it does show up on some Beer Menus near New York:

    Not sure if those are up to date, but it’s worth a try.



  321. Bert Cheney says:

    I am looking for Monk’s cafe, Flemmish sour. Any tips? Thanks, Bert in Spokane wa. 99205

  322. John says:

    Bert – if you’re willing to order online, then I’ve got some good news on your Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Red Ale – just check out Half Time Beverage:




  323. Lindsay says:

    I’m looking for Kona Wailua Wheat beer. My husband had it in Florida this past summer and loved it so I want to order him some for Christmas. We live in Ohio. Any ideas? I’m having a hard time finding it; I’m afraid it’s seasonal…

  324. Amanda says:

    Hi! Any idea where I can get Great Lakes beer (preferably Christmas Ale, but a sampler pack or anything really will do) in or around NYC? I’d be happy to order it online or pick it up in a store somewhere.


  325. John says:

    Amanda – for your Great Lakes beers near NYC try Half Time Beverage, located in Poughkeepsie. It’s about 2 hours away but they can also ship:

    For the Christmas Ale in particular, Wegman’s shows as having it online, but you have to do in-store for that. Some locations in New York, not sure if they’re near NYC or not though:

    Good luck!


  326. Lindsay says:

    (Looking for Kona Wailua Wheat) Both of those places said they were out of stock when I contacted them. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  327. John says:

    Lindsay – Kona’s site says their Wailua Wheat is only available in Spring/Summer. I think you missed the brewing season.

  328. Paul may says:

    I am trying to get coors banquet beer in the uk? Does anyone have any idea how I would get it here?


  329. John says:

    Paul – I know I’ve already responded to you via email on your inquiry for Coors Banquet Beer in the UK and said I didn’t have any luck finding anything other than Coors Light for sale over there.

    Anyone else have any different experience with getting Coors Banquet in the UK?

    Just let me know.

  330. Oliver says:


    I’m looking for a pretty rare craft, trying to have some shipped to Texas. Any ideas?

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter

  331. John says:

    Oliver – I didn’t find anyone who had your Victory at Sea Imperial Porter in stock online. Quality Liquor Store has it listed, but it’ shows as out of stock:

    You might call them at 619-295-9108 to see if he can give you a clue on when it will be back in stock.

    Also, a few other options:

    Half Time Beverage lists several Ballast Point beers (not the Victory at Sea though). You should try to get in touch with them to see if they can score some for you:

    Hi Time Wine Cellars also lists several Ballast Point beers. You should try to call them too and inquire – 1-800-331-3005:

    Good luck!


  332. Mike says:

    Hey I am looking for a beer that looks like it can only be found in maryland. which is one state you cant order beer online from its called national bohemian…. its not the greatest tasting beer…. but i would really like to find some for a friend who is from baltimore and now lives out west. any suggestions would be GREATLY apopreciated.

  333. Bruce says:

    Hey does anyone know a website that will ship to texas? I would really love the help, thanks.

  334. Matt says:

    do you guys have any idea where i can get beers made by some of the colorado craft breweries like Trinity, Funkwerks, Crooked Stave, Rockyard, etc. ?? i did find one but they don’t ship to WI. thanks for your help.

  335. kendra says:

    tuborg in usa, i live in central fl, orlando area and am craving tuborg but the only site i found it from was australian and they won’t ship to usa- help please!?!??

  336. Andrew Ringrose says:

    I’m looking for flensburger pilsner in either PA, MD , or VA. any ideas

  337. Lori says:

    Looking for Alaskan Beer and live in WV. Having a hard time finding it where the shipping charges aren’t double the beer price!!

  338. John says:

    Lori – that’s how it goes with ordering beer online. Most places charge a good penny for shipping costs, that’s why it makes sense to get the good quality craft online and not the rank domestic stuff. Brewforia had one of the best Alaskan beer selections I’d seen:


  339. John says:

    Kendra – We’ve had questions on Tuborg before and we haven’t been able to find any place the carries or ships in the US. They link to a Facebook page on their web site:

    That may be able to get you a new beat on getting some.

    Good luck,


  340. John says:

    Bruce – unfortunately Texas doesn’t let anyone ship alcohol into the state. The states that won’t allow alcohol of any kind to be shipped in are:

    PA, TX, MA, UT, MD, DE, AR, OK, MT, ME, SD, KY, AK, HI, WV or MS

    Sorry man.


  341. John says:

    Andrew – a few places show having Flensburger in Brooklyn and New York, but that’s as close as I’ve seen where you can get it in person:


    Halftime Beverage has it listed on their web site, but they’re currently out of stock on it. You might give them a call (they’re in New York as well):

    Good luck!

  342. John says:

    Matt – the only place I found that will ship some of those eclectic Colorado craft beers is probably the same one you found – http://www.liquormart.com/ – but they only ship to Colorado, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. I found one other place in Colorado that has it – http://www.totalbeverage.net/ – but they won’t ship it all. Looks like you might be out of luck.

    Sorry man,



  343. John says:

    Mike – for your National Bohemian I’m sure you used their beer locator on their site to find that it only seems to be in Maryland:

    I can’t find any other place online that ships it. Really seems to be a purely Baltimore thing.

    Sorry man, wish I had a lead for you.


  344. Mike says:

    John – Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah I have been having a terrible time trying to find it. I even contacted Pabst who is the brewery and got which states sell it: Maryland – Pennsylvania – DC – North Carolina – Delaware – South Carolina -Virginia. Even with that l;ist I was unable to find it on any sites in those states.

  345. Hannah says:

    Hi. Im wondering if anyone knows where i could buy
    HANS tsigtao beer bottled which has the HANS label not the normal tsingtao beer. I had it in china but i cannot find it anywhere online or in shops but you can buy it in chinese supermarkets. Is there any way i can buy some?

  346. John says:

    Hannah – outside of getting it somewhere in China I didn’t find anything regarding Hans Tsingtao Beer with the Hans label on it in the US or any place that would ship to the US.

    That might just be our most obscure request yet!


  347. Josh says:

    I am looking for Shoefferhofer Hefeweizen, produced by Binding Brauerei in Frankfurt. Any idea how I can get my hands on some?

  348. russell says:

    im looking for charles wells fargo matured ale and cant find it anywhere

  349. Matt says:

    do you know of a few good websites to find russian river’s brews? thanks.

  350. justin says:

    Where can I get strohs? I live in florida but can’t find none here

  351. John says:

    Matt – the best place I’ve seen for Russian River beer is Quality Liquor Store. Haven’t personally ordered from them yet though. Here’s the Russian River beers they carry:

    They’re in California and to see what states they ship to look towards the bottom of this page:

    Hopefully they have what you’re looking for Matt.


  352. john smith says:

    where can you still find pearl beer

  353. martha says:

    Went to Italy last summer and am still missing the Ceres Strong Ale Export, a Danish beer I had there at every meal. Is that sold anywhere in the US?

  354. Michelle W says:

    I think you may have already answered this but I am wondering if you could tell me of a place that sells Ichnusa to the US. My husband loved that beer in Italy and we can’t find it ANYWHERE.


  355. Hannah says:

    Would you be able to ship beer from china to the uk as thats where i live?

  356. Nick says:

    I’m looking for Vailima Beer, which is made in Samoa. I found a New Zealand site that has it, but they don’t ship to america, any sites that ship to america have it?

  357. Joram says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Russian beer Doctor Diesel (Strong) online and ship to US?

  358. Kara says:

    I am trying to find someone who sells Bells Beer. it is a Michigan micro brew. I am trying to send a birthday gift to someone who lives out of state. Any ideas?

  359. Nora says:


    Is there any place in North Carolinia to buy Old Style beer Thank You for your help

  360. Kelly says:

    I was wondering if you knew where to find Star beer. I had it when I was in Ghana, Africa and absolutely loved it. I can not find it anywhere online though. It is brewed and bottled by Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited. I am in Chicago and hoping to find it somewhere to buy!

  361. Marc says:

    Tuborg Christmas beer, Tuborg Julebryg is not available in Canada or the US. I contacted Tuborg directly.

  362. Noelle Miller says:

    Help! I am looking to buy Gosser Limon beer which I drank last summer while on vacation in Budapest. I cannot find it anywhere here in the US even the on-line stores. Any ideas?

  363. Jennifer says:

    I am looking for a French beer called Desperados. I do know that it is sold through out Europe. I have been unable to find a website that will ship to the US. I currently live on upstate NY, so Canada is not that far away if I have to go there

  364. erin says:

    Any idea where to find Fiji Bitter (or any Fiji beer) or Bounty Rum?

    I’m in AZ


  365. Chris says:

    Hi, does anyone know where to get Sam Adams Cherry Wheat online and shipped to the UK? Thanks!

  366. Chris says:

    I tried Nuova Mattina (New Morning) from Birrificio Del Ducato (Italian craft beer brewer)when I was in NY last December. Would love to get some more but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m located in Madison, MS. Thanks in advance.

  367. Bob says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for beer from the Schmucker brewing company in Germany. It seems to be incredibly rare and I can’t seem to find it anywhere in stores or online. I live in the US. Thanks in advance!

  368. Cortney says:

    Had this outside of Munich and have been looking for it online for two years…
    Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Alkoholfrei

  369. dale says:

    we can you buy Dales pale ale in ky,tn.in.?

  370. Cat says:

    Hey There,

    I’m trying to locate my Australian BF’s favorite beer, XXXX Gold, in Vancouver or if necessary, Bellingham WA.
    I hope you can help:)


  371. scott says:

    i live in kansas city and have people asking me to find private stock! know of anywhere online i can get it?

  372. Dan says:

    Anyone know of a place that will deliver Andechs to the States?

  373. Dan says:

    Anyone know of a place that will deliver Andechs to the States?

  374. Erich says:

    Hi, trying to find Niksicko beer. Made in Montenegro. I found one place called Bevmo, but they dont ship to Oklahoma. Any ideas?


  375. Bob Jacobs says:

    Do you know of any online beer sites or any mailorder beer sites that carry any Albanian beers that will ship to Ohio in the US?

  376. thomas says:

    looking for ALFA Edil Pils from Schinnen for United States ordering!

  377. Mandy says:

    I live in Ohio and the used to buy Two Dogs orange brew and now I can’t find it. Do you know how I can get that? Thanks

  378. Lyric Harast says:

    I am looking for a store in the Chicagoland area that seels Fentiman’s shandy. If you know of any stores, please email me at lyricharast@yahoo.com Thank you.

  379. rockace says:

    who will deliver a case or more of heineken to one of the outer boroughs of new york city? can’t find anyone on the web and I don’t live in brooklyn. trying to avoid spending more than local store prices, but shipping charges are prohibitive.

  380. Brian says:

    Where can I buy McSorley’s Irish Black Lager online? My wife loves it.

    Thank you

  381. Jack says:

    I am looking to find a place I can order the Greek beer ALFA Hellenic in Canada. I received it as one of my monthly beer club shipments from http://www.monthlyclubs.ca/ last year and I have been looking for it ever since.

    Any ideas?

  382. Mike Bugbee says:

    Do you know of anywhere I can purcharchase Carolina Blonde beer and have it shipped to Ohio?

  383. Richard says:

    How can I order a Canadian beer called Kokanee for shipping to the US?

  384. Len Murray says:

    I have been trying to find Parkbrau beer in the US since I was in Germany in 1966-67. The company has been renamed Park, and still brews the best beer in the world, but is apparently not exported to the United States. Any clue if this is available in Canada? My wife has relatives in Quebec, and if I knew it was available I’d have it shipped here.

  385. Matt says:

    is there an online retailer that offers a good selection of allagash beer?

  386. d taylor says:

    where can i get yuengling lager shipped to s calif without paying a fortune in shipping?

  387. dabblersupreme says:

    looking for Wood’s Brewery beers from the UK. anyone know a place online that sells them? or, any suggestions on other Wood-themed beer?
    this is a gift for my husband for our 5-year anniversary. nothing too dark/stout/malty, and no cider (i’m ruling out woodchuck). Thanks!

  388. Alan LaGreen says:

    Looking for an online source for Molson Export. It used to be available in California, but now Molson Canadian is the only one I can find.

  389. Belen says:

    I need to buy Wasatch Polygamy Beer from Utah. Any ideas???

  390. Nick P says:

    I’m trying to find Bikini Blonde from Maui Brewing Co. in Chicagoland area. Any suggestions?

  391. Lew says:

    Does anyone know where I can either get John Smith’s in the DC area or purchase it online?

  392. braden says:

    I live in Arkansas and was wondering where I could purchase Milwaukees Best Light in a bottle.

  393. MIKE says:

    Where can I find out if a few malt liquors are still brewed. Im looking for St .Ides malt liquor, private stock malt liquor, or crazy horse malt liquor. Any help would be great. Use to live in CT. now live in NC.

  394. Nicole says:

    Does anyone know how I could purchase Antarctica Cerveja and ship it to Honolulu, HI?

  395. Sarah says:

    I need to find perminator beer from Germany.

  396. I have been searching high and low to find Tooheys Extra Dry either in the States or online. I currently live in Pensacola Florida. Any ideas on how to obtain a few cases?

  397. Amanda says:

    I’m looking to buy Jelen Pivo, from Apatin Serbia. I live in the US and can’t seem to find anywhere that sells/ships it .

  398. taylor says:

    Hey guys,

    Seriously impressive work on the beer site recommendations.

    Trying to find a shop that ships Whistler Brewery beers in the US, any suggestions?

  399. Jane says:

    Hi there, does any one know where I can sell 4 bottles of Devenish Domesday World’s strongest beer ? I am not familiar with beer and a friend has asked me to find him a buyer . Help please.

  400. Jason says:

    Greetings! I am looking for an online seller for Oregon’s MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale. It is superb. Cannot find anyone that “stocks” it, but thought there may be vendors that would run to the local Oregons store for me. Thanks! JR

  401. Bern says:

    Hello! Do you know where I can purchase/order the Australian beer, Cascade Premium Light Beer? I live in the U.S. and have contacted a few sellers but they do not ship to the U.S.. Your help is appreciated! Thank you!

  402. Paul says:

    Great selection at france44.com too. Carin is the bomb at shipping beer!

  403. Brandi says:

    Anyone know where I can get Left Hand Milk Stout, or Milk Stout Nitro from Shipped to Las Vegas NV for a remotely cheap price. I just can’t bring myself to pay $40 for shipping.

  404. Michelle says:

    Hi, can you please tell me where in Canada or maybe even the US i could get Brahma from Brazil? They used to sell it here but no longer do. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  405. john says:

    I am in Austin,TX , and I am trying to find Two Dogs Lemon Brew. Any suggestions?

  406. melissa says:

    Anyone know where I can get Iron City Beer in Houston, TX? Anyone sale it online?

  407. Anita Steele says:

    I need to find out where i can get 90 shillin in Texas, I know it is made in Colorado but no states will ship to Texas, is there a store in Texas that sells it?

  408. Evan says:

    I want to purchase a keg of Murphy’s Irish Stout, or Murphy’s Irish Red, any idea where I can get one here in MI?

  409. Steve says:

    Can you get me Orion Beer or Red Dog Beer. I’ve been looking for these beers. They must be in Bottles

  410. archie duncan says:

    looking for supplier of bbk beer from germany

  411. Kenney says:

    Looking for Red Dog in Virginia…. not for me lol! Birthday gift for my brother. HELLLLLP!!

  412. Luis C says:

    I am looking for LowenBrau, anyone know where I can order from? I live in Idaho (Boise area) and for some reason no body carries it here anymore.

  413. Melissa says:

    I am looking for

    Name: Tegenseer Hell
    From: Tegernsee, Germany
    Brewed by: Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee

    I am also looking for Warsteiner Pilsenr and or Spaten. Thank you so much. Please help >.<

  414. Ron says:

    Looking for Kona Brewery beer products example:(Big Wave or Longboard) in the Kansas City, MO or Omaha, NE area. Can anyone help me?

  415. LOOKING FOR CARLINGS BLACK LABEL & BALLENTINE ALE… does anyone ship to South Carolina….?

  416. Drew says:

    Anyone know where to find Coopers? It’s from Australia.


  417. Michael says:

    My Dad used to drink Parkbrau when he was stationed in Germany. Does anyone know if it is still being made and how to get some?

  418. hala says:

    Looking for zima please help!

  419. Trevor says:

    Hi, i was just on the east coast and came across the sam adams barrel room collection and unfortunately it is unavailable where i live, which is wisconsin by the way, and i found a couple of your websites offer one or maybe two of the four varieties of these barrel room beers, but i would like to try all of them. i only came across the american kriek, and other than ebay, which people are charging 60+ a bottle, i cant find these beers any more. the one i would like to try most is the 13th hour. please help.

  420. Josh – for the Schofferhofer Hefeweizen the only place I found online is:


    They’re based in Florida and I don’t know anything about them, but they came up in the search. Hopefully this helps!


  421. Brian – for McSorley’s Irish Black Lager just check out my friend Alan who runs Half Time Beverage in New York:


  422. Rockace – Heineken should be available at every grocery store, convenience store, etc just about anywhere in the U.S. If you need more than that Half Time Beverage is up there in Poughkeepsie (not sure where that is in relation to you in NY) and has some massive amounts of Heineken:




  423. Indie Caverno says:

    Hello, I’m located in Santa Fe, NM.I’m wondering if there is any chance of locating Guatemalan beer like Cabro, Gallo, Bahia, Play de La Cruz someplace online. I’d appreciate it greatly!. Thank you

  424. Nicholas says:

    Hey ive been trying to get ahold of Tuborg for a long time and havent been able to get it i live in the chicago land area and would lov e to get my hands on some.

  425. Randy Tomich says:

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase a Kona Brewing Company beer called Wailua Wheat Ale brewed at the Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii. I live in Ohio. Can you help me find this? Thanks.

  426. Randy – I find several of the online stores linked on this page have Kona beers, just none of them have Wailua Wheat. It’s only available in the spring/summer months as a seasonal so I’m thinking it’s done for the year. A place like Half Time should have it in stock when spring rolls around. Might be time to switch to a pumpkin beer for the fall.

  427. Hunter says:

    I am looking for a place in the states to buy Rauchbier. I lived in Bamberg while I was in the Army and got a taste for this beer that just won’t go away. Any help would be great..

  428. Hunter – lots of local places usually will have a Rauchbier – not sure where you’re at but the Total Wines in NC and SC have it. If you can’t find any at the beer/wine places you have locally you can order the original and my personal favorite Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen from Half Time Beverage:


    Flying Dog, Sam Adams and Sarnac also all put out smoke beers that should be fairly findable.

    Good luck and cheers,


  429. Marni says:

    Hi! I am looking for an Italian beer, Menabrea. I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Any suggestions?? Thanks!

  430. Meghan Sheppard says:

    I really like Belgique for Belgian beer, it has a really good selection: http://www.belgianbeersshop.co.uk

  431. Steven says:

    I’m in the States and have been looking to find Beck’s Vier but to no avail. It’s common in the UK as that’s where I first drank it, but I can’t find any here.

  432. Steven says:

    I’ve been trying to search for Beck’s Vier but have been unable to come up with anything here in the States. I had it frequently in the UK as it is quite common there. Any leads in being able to buy some online would be great!

  433. Ben says:

    Looking for anywhere in the US or online shipping to the US for Lowenbrau Oktoberfestbier. It was my fathers favorite beer, and I would like to get it for him again. It does not seem to be shipped here anymore.

  434. Ray says:

    I have found the following beers in Florida but not consistently: Big Wave Golden Ale from Kona Brewing Co., Pilsner light from Keywest Beer Coand Imperial Light (a Costa Rican beer). If there is a place in central of northern Florida that sells these, I would appreciate the info. I found a couple of sights that carry the Big Wave beer but shipping is outrageous. Finding it locally would be great. Bevmo has all of Hawaiin beers but only ships to Californing.

  435. Bob Graham says:

    Any idea where I can get Carling Black Label beer in FL? It was the first beer I ever tried (purloined from my Grandpa’s can on a hot NE afternoon) over 50 years ago. The brewery was originally in Mass but then moved to Canada, I think. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  436. mariusz says:

    i’m looking for franziskaner kristallklar,lowenbrau
    oktoberfest and budweiser budowar
    i live in New England area

  437. Lies says:

    I’m from europe and i’m searching for Samuel Adams’s Utopias. Any idea where I can buy this online? Because I can’t find it in europe.

  438. Bill says:

    Hi, any idea where I can buy Sleeman Beers (Canadian) in the Chicago area? Thanks!

  439. Aunt Charlie says:

    Feldschlosschen Panache Lemon Beer. Can it be purchased locally? Thanks.

  440. Courtney Davies says:

    I went to a small local Amsterdam brewery called De Prael when I was there a few months ago. I wanted to buy some but cannot find it online. Please let me know if you can help!

  441. Joe Andres says:

    How can I get Old Style or Special Export here in Nevada ? Lees Liquors doesn’t have it nor does Liquor Outlet,both of whom say they do. Funny,they have every flavor of stupid Leinenkugel but not even Schlitz. Im nostalgic for younger days in Illinois/Wisconsin when it was all we and our dads drank. Blatz,Hamms etc…Cant find it anywhere on line. Thanks for any help.

  442. Dave Murray says:

    Any idea where I can Buy Tuborg Gold. Had it in Turkey on holiday’s and loved it , but I can only find Tuborg Green – not a patch on the Gold.

  443. Sue says:

    Where can I buy OV Splits? I live in Upstate NY.

  444. Scott Votrain says:

    Hi, I’m looking for Rainier beer on line. We went to Forks, WA and found some but can’t find it anywhere around us. Thanks.

  445. Tim says:

    Does anyone know if I can buy “Atlas” beer from Panama anywhere in the US?

  446. jamie roy says:

    I am looking for a place online where I can purchase a 6 pack of zima? I am looking for this as a collectable item.

  447. Sarah page says:

    Hi. I live in Australia and am desperately trying to find someone that sells Lone Star beer. Or somewhere online I can order it from. Can you help please!!!!

  448. Terry Grant says:

    I’m looking for Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine ale. Any year is good. I know of a few large shops that have it, but the shipping is rather high.

  449. Brenda Mc Dowell says:

    I am looking for Parkbrau its German we live in Va thank you

  450. Kris says:

    Here’s a hard one: Schfferhofer Grapefruit. It is a german beer and I can’t find it anywhere. Help?

  451. mike kiggins says:

    looking to buy brahma beer

  452. Mark says:

    Are there any US stores that will ship to the UK, i am after a few US beers but no one seems to ship to the UK. Here there are very few choices of US beers besides the http://www.beersofeurope.co.uk but they don’t stock the rarer brewerys that im after eg Bridgeport, Gordon Biersch, Mendocino, Shipyard, Full Sail, Alaskan etc, im also looking for Rogues Youngers Special Bitter and can;t find this anywhere. Any help is much appreciated!!!

  453. Brunie F. Laube says:

    Where to buy Falkenberg Beer in USA?
    No longer avail. in Chicago. Thank you!

  454. Troy Metcalf says:

    I am trying to find a place to buy Brazilian Brahma Beer, preferably in California where I live. I dont mind ordering it from out of state too. Any ideas?

  455. Rosie says:

    Hi, my husband is from Belgium and Palm is his favorite beer. I’ve ordered some on BelgianShop.com several times before but the shipping is too expensive. I noticed some of the online shops like halftime.com have Palm but they don’t ship to Texas. Do you know any online beer shop that is located in the US and can ship to Texas? Is it illegal to ship any alchohol to Texas from other states?

  456. Owen says:

    I’m trying to get a case of Kunstmann Torobayo ale from Chile. It doesn’t look like they have widespread (if any) U.S. distribution, and freight carriers won’t ship it to me unless I have an import license. I’ve also been told there are “too many hoops to jump through” for importers to bring in less than several pallets. Am I wasting my time, or is there an option I haven’t considered?



  457. Gary says:

    I have been looking for cruzcampo from Spain forever. If you could find it here, I will love you. Gracias.

  458. Kevin P says:

    I’m looking for an online beer seller who sells Coors Extra Gold and will ship to North Carolina. Help!!!

  459. Dusty J says:

    Looking to buy Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. Where? Ship to Oklahoma.

  460. John says:

    Cheap prices and they ship.

  461. Julien says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m looking for the elusive Alhambra Reserva 1925. I was able to find the negra and the especial but that third one does not seem to be available in the US.
    Any clues?

    Julien – NYC

  462. Stephannie says:

    I will be leaving Germany and love the smoked beers that I have discovered. I am looking for a source to ship, prefereably buy within 100 miles of Birmingham, Alabama. HELP! I am having no luck finding info on shipping it home or buying it in the US.

  463. Dad says:

    Go to the Half Time Beverage link on our post and click on Germany and you will come up with 2 smoked beers on the first page. I hope the law will allow the shipment to you. We have had the Marzin but not the weissebier. I ope this helps. Dad

  464. Patrick says:

    Does anyone know where to get Firemans Brew? Some place in NJ or will ship to NJ? Thanks!

  465. Marvin ware says:

    I live in Evansville Indiana. I was wanted to know is there a place I can order Australian beer. ( J Boags or Tooneys) thanks

  466. Jim Nunweiler says:

    Where can I purchase Horse Piss Beer online. Thank you, Jim

  467. Does anyone know where I can buy Cerveza Panama in the United States? Thanks!

  468. rainier says:

    Helpfull! Thanks. But I’m not able to find rainier beer shiped to france? Any chance you knwo how?

  469. Chris rapp says:

    I’m looking for a place to buy Harar an (Ethiopian beer). Any suggestions?


  470. Chris says:

    Looking for a site to buy an Ethiopian beer (harar). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  471. Johan says:

    Is there any shops u can order Molson Canadian to Finland? I cant find any…

  472. Johan says:

    Do you know a shop where i can order Molson Canadien to Finland?

  473. dave says:

    This article forgot beerrightnow.com which has Beer delivery – same day and cold not to mention A huge selection at discounted prices!

  474. Robin says:

    I discovered Alexander Keith’s fine brew in northern Alberta and would love to locate same in NJ. Please help….!

  475. DJ Rob J says:

    where can i buy Simpatico in or around TX.

  476. Wayne says:

    I have some hard to get, limited edition bottles of full beer. I used to sell some on eBay or at least get attention there or Craigslist to barter for some beers I can’t get in the East (Russian River The Elder for one). Both eBay and Craigs stopped that kind of thing recently. Anyone know of a website where I can sell or “trade” beer? Thanks.

  477. Richard Nunez says:

    Where can I order Ursus beer online? It is a Romanian beer. I am in El Paso Texas. Thanks.

  478. Paul says:

    You are the patron Saint of brew for responding to all of these. Question for you… I’m in New York City, and cannot find Cusquena Negra in any restaurant, online or liquor store. Regular Cusquena is available, but it’s like Negra stopped being exported from Peru. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  479. Daphne says:

    Where can I purchase Private Stock beer on line or
    in my area of Forestville, Maryland 20747

  480. Darren Wyn says:

    I live in the UK and want to buy Canadian beer online. Beers such as Granville Island, Okanagan, Keith’s Pale Ale, Vancouver Island etc. Any suggestions? Many thanks

  481. marty sam says:

    Where can I buy Amstel Radler beer preferably in Western PA?

  482. Terry says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a full keg of Miller MGD(not 64)

  483. Niki says:

    I’m looking for Hopapotamus Beer, any suggestions?

  484. suzi graham says:

    I’m looking for brahma beer. W
    ill pay to ship please help.

  485. Mark says:

    Where can I buy Lonestar beer online

  486. Bobby McClendon says:

    I need to find a way to get some Lone Star beer to Tennessee. Any help will be extremely helpful. Thanks.

  487. Pete says:

    Where can one purchase some of the Hello Kitty Beer? Anyone know?

  488. Gordon says:

    Where do I buy MOA beer in the Florida or South Carolina area near Rock Hill.

  489. Kim says:

    Can you find zima I know they discontinued it but I’m sure there’s a way :) I want to get it for my mom for one of her 50 the bday presents thank you

  490. John Rochon says:

    I was in Nashville last weekend and had a Yazoo Hefeweizen that I really enjoyed. It is from a local brewery in Nashville. Any idea how I could get some in Chicago?

  491. Al says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase Alexander Keiths IPA online? I live in AZ and would like to get it shipped to me.

  492. jaclyn bush says:

    I’m looking to buy warsteiner beer in the us.. there’s nothing close to ky so ill have to buy online. . No luck with shipping to all 50 states

  493. Eric says:

    Im looking for Kropf Beer. I just recently found out that there was such a thing and it interested myself and my family because our last name is Kropf. Just wondering if there is any way to purchase this beer. I have been searching for it but haven’t found anywhere to buy it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  494. Eric says:

    Im looking for Kropf Beer. I just recently found out that there was such a thing and it interested myself and my family because our last name is Kropf. Just wondering if there is any way to purchase this beer. I have been searching for it but haven’t found anywhere to buy it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  495. Daniel P. says:

    Looking to purchase some St. Stefanus. Live in the Albany, NY area.

  496. Tony says:

    Can any one help find how or where to buy Parkbrau Pirminator beer in the US? Thanks

  497. Tony says:

    Can anyone help with finding Parkbrau Beer (Pirmanator) in the US? Missed it since I left Germany.

  498. heather says:

    Where can I buy Sprechers beer online?

  499. Tim Danielson says:

    Hoping to find SAXERS Lemon Lager. I know they had stopped brewing it at one point, but I heard it was available in Japan.

  500. Dennis Willis says:

    Any idea where I can buy Marin Brewing Company – Bluebeery Ale – thanks for any help

  501. Logan says:

    Extra gold lager.. Also known as coors extra gold lager. Any idea of a place that WILL ship to Kentucky?! Any site in general that will sell beer to KY, brand does no matter. Thanks!

  502. Morgan says:

    I am looking for Super Bock beer from Portugal. Where can I buy it?

  503. Cesar Perez says:

    Hello, I would like to find out how to get some Cerveza Barrilito. I had some in Puerto Vallarta. It’s made by Cervezeria Modelo same company that makes Corona, Modelo and Pacifico. Thank You.

  504. Shay says:

    Im looking for Molson Golden. Either in stores or to be shipped to me. Please!!

  505. Shay says:

    is there a website that will ship Molson Golden to California?

  506. Willow says:

    I would like to know if I can get Minerva beer here in the U.S. anywhere????

  507. Stephanie says:

    Im looking for Petra beer. Have you seen it available for purchase online?

  508. Liz says:

    Same question as Paul actually. Live in michigan, but I just tried Cusquena while in Peru and am trying to find either Cusquena negra or malta and have not had much luck.

  509. bill robson says:

    i am looking for labatts blue NON ALCOHOLIC beer
    i tasted it in New Hampshire and have not been able to find it near me in NJ—i would be willing to order online, or obviouslyl go to a store that may have it
    can you help??

  510. denny says:

    Can’t find red dog beer

  511. KT says:

    just like to know why the old style beer brewed in Wisconsin is not available in TX?

  512. Ben says:

    Hello I was wondering where I can find the Mexican beer Bohemia for sale in the state of Kansas or a website that would sale it. Thanks in advance.

  513. Billy says:

    Looking to get a keg of either Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin or Terrapin Oak Big Hoppy Monster. Having no luck and very sad about that.

  514. Brock Wright says:

    I am looking for a Jordanian beer called Petra. Looks like a Coors light can but says Petra Beer and some middle eastern script. My brother tried it over seas and is wanting to drink some. Thought it would be a cool surprise.

  515. Clark says:

    Does anyone know where I can order 512 IPA? Its from 512 Brewing Company in Austin Texas and I live in Oregon. Tried some while I was in Dallas and would like to find a distributor to purchase from.

  516. Kathy says:

    Looking for a place to purchase Pearl Beer. I am in SC. They use to sell it here but not anymore. Any place on line I can purchase it?

  517. John Carson says:

    I would like to order cases of pigs eye pilsner beer. It’s brewed in Minnesota, and I can’t find a way to have it delivered or a store to bye it in Wilmington Ohio or surrounding cities. Pleated help.

  518. David says:

    I’ll be in NYC in early September and would like a nice can of Old Milwaukee. Where can I find it?

  519. Dawn says:

    Looking for Thirsty Dog Beer to ship to Minneapolis MN

  520. Neil Ramdorsingh says:

    Looking for carib larger beer. living in Kansas. can I get this beer shipped here?

  521. Mart says:

    Anybody know where i can get John Smith’s extra smooth in Canada? I don’t want to risk customs by ordering through britishcornershop.co.uk. I have been trying to find it for the longest time but having no success. Thank you in advance for any help.

  522. Angelica Hernandez says:


    I’m looking for the Mexican beer Superior. Do you know of any places I can purchase online or in California? I live in the Bay Area.

    Much Thanks,

  523. Stephanie says:

    I’m looking to purchase lone star beer…where can I find that online?

  524. Gene Van Dusen says:

    Looking for San Mugael light (Philippines) in a bottle. I live near Warren, Pennsylvania. Looking for either internet sales or nearby sales (<250 miles). Could also have it shipped to NY state.

  525. Where can I buy Rainier beer online?

  526. Mike says:

    Is there anywhere you can buy Pearl beer online?

  527. Jeremy says:

    I Am looking to order some good German beers in 5 liter mini kegs. Can you give me some suggestions of where I might be able to order some internationally or domestically?

  528. Russ Hanchin says:

    I’m looking for a way to buy Black Brahma beer (Brazil). Either somewhere near Richmond, VA or someplace online that can ship it. I do know the Brahma is owned by InBev, so thought it would be readily available. So far, not so much. Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  529. Tatty says:

    I am looking where to buy Skol Beats senses or spirit, it’s a Brazilian beer.
    Any idea where to find it?
    Thank you.

  530. jim Rungee says:

    I live near Nashville Tn. I am in need of three cases of Lone Star Beer. No distributor carries it in Tennessee. Is there any way to order and have sent?

  531. Emily says:

    I am looking to purchase Reissdorf Kolsch from Germany and have it shipped to New York State. Any ideas as to where I can purchase it?

    Thank you!

  532. DEBBIE FROST says:


  533. Joshua says:

    Looking for Alhambra Negra beer to get shipped to south Louisiana.

  534. Brad says:

    I’m looking to get Brahma Light in the States. Had it when I was in the Dominican, and I would like to get some up here.

  535. Keith B. Dauber says:

    Where can I get Simpatico, Mexican beer in Kansas/ Western Kansas ?

  536. Brandi says:

    Trying to find a place to buy Estrella Damm Inedit online, as it is not distributed in my area (Oklahoma). Do you know if it’s possible for me to buy this online and have it shipped here?? So far I’m having no luck. Thanks!!

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